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Grupo MedLegal® works with a team of participating Doctors and Accident Lawyers for cases involving Workers’ Compensation, Traffic Accidents, and Personal Injuries. Request a free appointment here!

Our Practice Areas

Work Accidents

Work accidents are injuries suffered during working hours at the workplace or somewhere else while on the job. Whoever suffers a work accident, such as a physical, psychological, or emotional injury, is entitled to receive a monetary compensation, disability, permanent benefits, or medical therapy, depending on each case. At Grupo MedLegal®, we work with participating Accident Lawyers who will provide legal counsel, answer your questions, and inform you about the progress of your case.

Car Accidents

Grupo MedLegal® works with a participating team of lawyers specialized in Car Accidents who provides you with legal counsel, legal support and medical assistance if you are involved in a car accident through no fault of your own, or if you have been injured either as a driver, passenger or pedestrian. The most common Car Accidents are the ones involving motorcycles, bicycles, commercial trucks or vehicles, alcohol related accidents, and public transportation. If you have been involved in this type of accident, our participating lawyers will represent you legally and will defend all your rights.
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Personal Injuries

Personal Injuries can be defined as any damage or type of aggression to a person’s body or mental or emotional state, whether intentionally or unintentionally caused.The law allows Personal Injury victims to file a claim against the responsible party, thus obtaining compensation for the damages caused. The most common Personal Injuries are: slips and falls, dog bites, physical assaults, and injuries caused by defective products.

Grupo MedLegal® works with a participating team of lawyers and physicians that handle Personal Injury cases and will help you to obtain compensation after suffering an injury caused by a third-party assault.
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Our Professionals

Accident Lawyers

Accident Attorneys

We work with a team of participating Accident Lawyers committed to serving the Hispanic community in the United States and which provide legal counseling services in Spanish.

Grupo MedLegal® ‘s participating lawyers specialize in cases of people who have suffered Work Accidents, Car Accidents, or Personal Injuries and, thus, are in need of benefits such as medical assistance, incapacity, and workers’ compensation.
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We work with a participating team of physicians specialized in multiple medical areas to address all types of accidents: Work Accidents, Car Accidents, and Personal Injuries. Our medical assistance service is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our participating physicians carry out a complete free diagnosis of the health state of clients who have suffered any kind of  accident to help them in their recovery, and to obtain information for their cases.

MRIs are one of the sophisticated studies carried out by our doctors.
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