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Who we are?

Grupo MedLegal is a company that works with the best attorneys and doctors specializing in Workers’ Compensation, Car Accidents, and Personal Injury cases, among others. We have over 30 years of experience helping clients who have been involved in work accidents, physical problems due to repetitive work, or who have suffered a personal injury or car accident. We are proud to have served more than 1,000,000 people to date in different cases, all with complete success.


Our mission is simple: to assist and improve the quality of personal and employment life for individuals and families who have suffered any type of accident, injury, or legal problem at work.


Our vision is to continue to be recognized as the leader in legal and medical support for the Hispanic community in the United States, as well as the community in general. We seek to be in constant growth; concentrating in work accidents, car accidents, and personal injury. We strive to achieve our clients’ loyalty; building trust by efficiently and professionally obtaining results with the highest standards of excellence.

Our History

Grupo MedLegal was born in early 1982 in the state of California with the idea of supporting the Hispanic community that was becoming an important presence in the United States, especially in the city of Los Angeles. Over the next 20 years, we became the leading legal aid company for the Latino community in California, leading us to expand our territory by the year 2006 to another important area for Hispanics: the state of Illinois–primarily Chicago. 5 years later, we took another step: this time to Wisconsin. By 2013, Grupo MedLegalventured into one of the most competitive areas in the market, but with significant Latino territories: New York and New Jersey. Today, we have a prominent place in these states, being one of the major competitors in the legal field. PennsylvaniaGeorgia, and Florida were chosen for the latest locations. Now, almost 30 years after our founding and due to high demand from other states, we are considering expanding our services even further. Due to our high standards of quality for our physicians and attorneys, we desire to work with the best professionals in their respective areas of expertise to be able to offer our clients the services they need.

Our Philosophy

At Grupo MedLegal, our main objective is client satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, we carry out our work with the philosophy that success is achieved by creating a close relationship between the service offered and the trust created. We have a dynamic, expert team of professionals in the legal area that allows us to respond to our clients efficiently.

We believe that we work for our client. Because of this, we will handle every call or inquiry in the best possible way, since we consider it a new opportunity to serve you better. We always listen to our clients—any question you may have will never bother us, and we are committed to learning as much as we can about your needs to be able to provide excellent legal counsel.

Whatever your case may be, at Grupo MedLegal you will find the counsel and support you need for your case. Our philosophy is based on 3 foundational aspects:

Beginning with the first contact, we will build trust as we advise the client about his or her case and ensure that the client understands the necessary steps to resolve it; as well as the possible consequences, the options available, and the results that could be obtained. We will listen and seek to resolve each question, and we will establish real and obtainable agreements with the client.

Client loyalty and trust is important to us; therefore, the client will always be updated on the progress of his or her case. Our clients will always be treated with kindness and with the best disposition for handling their inquiries about the estimated time of resolution as well as reasons for possible delays in the case. We give each case with the importance it deserves.

In keeping with client trust, we will always make all monetary aspects clear for all processes, with the necessary information and documentation. We are committed to always seeking the greatest benefit for the case, and this is the only way that Grupo MedLegal will obtain a monetary benefit for a case won. Our consultation and response to inquiries will never have a cost.

Our values

Grupo MedLegal provides professional legal services, guided by these values which distinguish us:

Our clients are our highest priority; therefore, every procedure, document, or action is governed by truth. We will never hide anything and never generate false expectations.

We will always seek a solution to the cases presented, always demonstrating availability, excellence, and honesty toward our clients. We are committed to satisfying our clients’ needs and expectations.

We are characterized by adhering to the highest standards of ethics every day and on every case.

We will always seek to establish a relationship with our clients, responsibly and clearly providing them with the best legal counsel for their case. We fulfill all agreements.

We apply all our knowledge and experience for the resolution of each of our cases, governing our actions with standards of fairness and truthfulness.

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