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Grupo MedLegal connects consumers with participating lawyers and/or doctors and in no case provides legal or medical advice nor does it intend to be a law firm, lawyer referral service or medical provider.

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Who we are?

We are a company that connects the Hispanic community of the United States with lawyers and doctors when they need assistance after a workplace accident, car accident, or other accident resulting in Personal Injury.

Grupo MedLegal® is not a medical provider, lawyer referral service or law firm and we cannot give medical or legal advice.

Grupo MedLegal® does not employ any doctors or lawyers. Instead, our objective is to assist you in connecting with those professionals as appropriate. Lawyers who participate in our service pay a flat, monthly fee to advertise their services on our platform. If you are in need of legal services because of an accident or workplace injury, we will work to connect you with one of our participating attorneys in your area who can assist you with your legal matter. Our call center is open 24-hours a day, 7- days a week.

Once you are connected with one of our participating lawyers, you will have a chance to independently speak with that lawyer during a free initial consultation. This will give you the opportunity to decide if it is a suitable connection. It is entirely up to you and the participating lawyer if the connection is mutually accepted and if an attorney-client relationship is formed.

Grupo MedLegal® does not participate in your conversations with the lawyer and is not involved in the lawyer-client relationship in any way. If after the initial consultation you are not satisfied with the lawyer Grupo MedLegal® has connected you with, we can try to connect you with a different participating lawyer.

Participating lawyers who participate in our service, and who ultimately agree to take on your legal matter, will do so on a contingency. This means the lawyer will receive a percentage of any recovery that may be obtained on your behalf in your legal matter. Costs will only be charged by the attorney if a monetary recovery is obtained for you. 

Contingent attorney fees are negotiable and are not set by law. You can separately negotiate the terms of your representation with the attorney, including the reimbursement of costs and contingency fee percentage that your attorney will obtain upon recovery. Grupo MedLegal® is not involved in the formation of the attorney-client engagement and we will not help you negotiate the terms of your representation.

There is no fee charged to you, the consumer, by Grupo MedLegal® for our service of connecting you with an attorney or doctor. Grupo MedLegal® does not receive any portion of the attorney’s fees or costs collected and does not receive any other compensation in connection with a recovery in any legal matter.

Grupo MedLegal®’s participating lawyers and doctors assist our customers with legal and medical services when needed with the highest quality standards supporting the continuous growth and reputation of the company.


Grupo MedLegal®’s objective is to help improve life conditions for Hispanics living in the United States, by connecting them with medical assistance and legal counseling services provided by an excellent team of participating lawyers and doctors. 


Grupo MedLegal® works with participating lawyers and doctors who give legal and medical support services specialized in Work Accidents, Car Accidents, Personal Injuries, among other cases, for the benefit of the Hispanic community in the United States.

Our History

Grupo MedLegal® was born in early 1982 in the state of California with the idea of supporting the growing Hispanic community in the United States by helping to provide easier access to quality medical and legal services.

After years of hard work and success we became the leading legal and medical matching company in California, encouraging us to begin our expansion into other states. Thus, in 2006, we began offering our services in Illinois, with headquarters in the city of Chicago. Five years later, in 2011, we began operations in Wisconsin, and in 2013 we began operating in New York and New Jersey. Later on, in 2015, due to the high demand of consumers in Philadelphia, we expanded our services to Pennsylvania. In 2016, we began operating in Miami, Florida, and in 2017, we began our operations in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Philosophy

Grupo MedLegal® works hard to serve consumers and our main goal is their complete satisfaction.

We have a dynamic, team of participating professional lawyers, and physicians that allows us to respond to our clients fast and efficiently.

Our philosophy is based on 3 aspects:

Our service is completely confidential. Beginning with the first contact, we will ask you to provide basic personal information, where you are located, where the injury occurred, your contact information, a basic description of the injury and whether you are looking for medical or legal help, or both. If appropriate, we will then try to connect you with one of our participating attorneys and/or doctors in your area.


We listen and answer all of your questions about our service in an effort to establish a real relationship, so we can connect you with one of our participating doctors and/or lawyers as needed.

We value our clients’ time, so we address all of their inquiries about estimated times for resolution and the steps to be followed in their case.

From the first contact, with inform our client about each of the applicable costs when the case is won, as well as the necessary documentation needed.

Our values

Grupo MedLegal® provides a valuable resource to the Hispanic community by connecting people to professional legal and medical services, guided by the following values that distinguish us:

We work hard always to seek a successful solution to the cases presented, always demonstrating the highest services of excellence and honesty toward our clients.

We are committed to satisfying our clients’ needs and expectations.

Grupo MedLegal® works according to the highest ethical principles of confidentiality and honesty for the resolution of every case.

Our main commitment is to our clients. We provide the best medical and legal counseling services responsively and clearly.

We fulfill all agreements!

We are governed by the highest standards of fairness and truthfulness for the resolution of each of our cases our accident lawyers take.

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