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Grupo MedLegal connects consumers with participating lawyers and/or doctors and in no case provides legal or medical advice nor does it intend to be a law firm, lawyer referral service or medical provider.

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Participating Attorneys

At Grupo MedLegal®, we are committed to providing excellent service. Your satisfaction will always be our driving motivation when connecting you with a lawyer to assist you.

Grupo MedLegal® is not a medical provider, lawyer referral service or law firm, and we cannot give medical or legal advice.

Grupo MedLegal® does not employ any doctors or lawyers. Instead, our objective is to assist you in connecting with those professionals as appropriate.

We are backed by many years of successfully connecting the Hispanic community with the legal assistance needed, and the primary reason for these results is the excellent team of participating attorneys with whom we collaborate.

We understand the importance of each case, which is why we only work with attorneys who will fight on your behalf. Throughout our history, we have been distinguished by our participating attorneys who provide outstanding service. We believe that the best way to reach our goal is to serve you in the most efficient, personable, and timely way in order to connect you with the assistance you need focusing on service as if it were directed toward us.

The lawyers who participate in our service pay an advertising fee to be included among the lawyers who we can connect you with. Each lawyer who participates with Grupo MedLegal® has an active license to practice law. Many of our participating lawyers speak Spanish. A Spanish-speaking attorney can be assigned to assist with cases and matters as needed.

It is our goal to connect you with a participating lawyer who has an active license to practice law in the state where your injury occurred, who is located in your geographic area, and who practices in the area of law needed for your individual legal situation. For example, you will be connected with a California licensed lawyer if your case or legal matter is in California.

Once you are connected with a lawyer, you will have a chance to independently speak with the lawyer during a free initial consultation. This will give you the opportunity to decide if it is a suitable connection. It is entirely up to you and the lawyer if the connection is mutually accepted and an attorney-client relationship is formed.

Grupo MedLegal® does not participate in your conversations with the attorney and is not involved in the lawyer-client relationship in any way.If after the initial consultation you are not satisfied with the lawyer Grupo MedLegal® has connected you with, we can try to connect you with a different participating lawyer.

Lawyers who participate in our service, and who ultimately agree to take on your legal matter, will do so on a contingency. This means the attorney will receive a percentage of any recovery that may be obtained on your behalf in your legal matter. Costs and fees are charged only upon monetary recovery. Contingent attorney fees are negotiable and are not set by law. You can negotiate your attorney’s fees and costs separately with the attorney.

Grupo MedLegal® is not involved in the information of the attorney-client engagement and we will not help you negotiate the terms of your representation. There is no fee charged to you, the consumer, by Grupo MedLegal® for our service in connecting you with an attorney or doctor. Grupo MedLegal® does not receive any attorney’s fees collected or any other compensation in connection with a recovery obtained in any legal matter.

We are a matching service in the Latino community; we have connected a very significant sector of US population to the legal services they need. We competently assist and serve non-Latino clients as well.

Our participating lawyers handle cases concerning a variety of legal issues, the following being the most common:

Work Injuries

  • Work Machinery Accidents
  • Injuries from Toxic or Dangerous Jobs
  • Repetitive Work Injuries
  • Injuries from Noisy Jobs
  • Workplace Death
  • Undocumented Workers

Each case has its own characteristics, and laws vary by state; however, we have a participating attorney near your city who we can connect you with to try to seek remuneration on your behalf.

Our participating attorneys have experience in various areas of law and will work to gather all information and completely familiarize themselves with each case. We always strive to make the process as transparent as possible for the client.

We have attorneys in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, and Miami.

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