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Grupo MedLegal connects consumers with participating lawyers and/or doctors and in no case provides legal or medical advice nor does it intend to be a law firm, lawyer referral service or medical provider.

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Participating Attorneys

The best Spanish Accident Lawyers

Our participating lawyers have the firm objective of helping Hispanics in the United States, that’s why we speak Spanish!

In Grupo MedLegal® we connect people with participant lawyers and doctors for attending them in cases of accidents and they can speak in Spanish and English. You choose which one you prefer!

Accident Attorneys

In Grupo MedLegal® we connect you with participant accident lawyers to solve your case, we have more than 35 years of practice, since 1982.

Our participating lawyers serve you if you have had an accident with legal advice, and if necessary, get your specialized medical attention

Practice areas of our participating Accident Attorneys

Our participating attorneys work on Work Accidents, Personal Injury, and Traffic Accidents cases. Know the types of accidents that correspond to each of them and how they can help solve your case!

Work Accident Lawyers

Lawyers team for Workers Compensation that will help you obtain maximum benefits in your case. They deal with almost all cases of work accidents. Tell us yours!
Learn more about Work Injury Lawyers

Car Accident Lawyers

Lawyers for ​​Traffic Accidents that help, protect and defend against any incident that has caused you or a third party an injury or material loss. You have their support and advice throughout the legal process.
Learn more about Traffic Accident Attorneys

Personal Injuries Lawyers

Personal Injury attorneys provide you with legal advice and support depending on the type of injury you suffered. They represent you in court if you need to go to court or to request compensation derived from the damages or medical expenses you have had.
Learn more about Personal Injury Lawyers

Why hire a Grupo MedLegal® accident Lawyer?

Our participating labor lawyers are honest professionals, with a successful and extensive experience representing accident cases, and most importantly, their service is completely confidential. They never reveal information about their clients to any person or government institution, so they are safe and reliable.

At Grupo MedLegal® we have offices in the following states: California, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, and Georgia.

  • Lawyers with more than 35 years of experience.
  • Specialists in service to the Hispanic community.
  • Confidential service.
  • Resolution of client’s doubts and questions.
  • Cases won in California, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, and Georgia.
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You can call us at 1800 838 3838 hours a day, 7 days a week, or fill out the following form.