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Personal Injury Lawyers

We have experience matching injury victims with our participating personal injury lawyers in California, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Florida. Our goal is to match you with an attorney in your state who can assist you with your legal matter.

In Grupo MedLegal® will do our best to match you with an attorney near you with expertise in the following cases:

  • Accidents in public places
  • Slips and falls
  • Injuries from defective products
  • Dog bites

A person who has suffered Personal Injuries may be entitled to receive compensation for medical expenses, missed pay, pain and suffering, and other benefits. However, keep in mind that laws in the United States can be quite complex and hard to understand.

Because of this, at Grupo MedLegal® we connect you with one of our participating attorneys near you. Every attorney is an expert in personal injury cases and can represent you in court.

If you have had some type of accident or personal injury, and there is a viable legal claim, you do not have to deal with it alone.

The Grupo MedLegal® participating lawyers protect your rights and want to assist you with your legal matter. 

Slips, Trips, and Falls

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Injuries from Defective Products

We are working to update this content.

Dog bites

If you have a mishap on the street; for example, if you tripped when it was rainy or very dark; or, if you were assaulted; or, if you had some issue due to a defective traffic light, you should contact a specialized attorney.

United States Personal Injury law can be extensive and complex, therefore, it is wise to have the assistance of a lawyer to explain and guide you through the legal process.

How to contact a lawyer near me?

If you have been injured or you have a disease caused by a personal injury accident, call 1800 838 38 38 now and you’ll get free consultation. You will be contacted with local expert participant lawyers that will help you to solve your case and get the compensation benefits that will be applicable to your accident. 

At Grupo MedLegal®️, we provide services in the following states in the country: California, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida and Georgia.

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