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Grupo MedLegal is a lawyer client and doctor client matching service and in no case intends to be seen as a law firm or lawyer referral service.

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How do we help you obtain compensation?

At Grupo MedLegal, our overarching philosophy is to achieve client satisfaction and loyalty by creating a close relationship between us. To attain this goal, we have surrounded ourselves with the best team: specialist lawyers for each type of case; the most prestigious doctors; and operators who will provide excellent orientation for your case and answer every one of your questions.

Our process for excelling at client service is very simple: we start with your first call or message (or if you left your information for us, we will call as soon as possible). We take your basic information, which is very important to us, since it will give us the background for the type of case you have; your current situation, and how we can help you. With a more detailed view, the next step will be to assign an attorney to you, who will give excellent legal counsel and represent your case. We will also provide a medical evaluation with one of the finest physicians in your area. No matter which doctor and lawyer are assigned to you, all of Grupo MedLegal’s doctors and lawyers have been well-classified and selected. If you are injured, we will even send a specialist to the hospital or to your home. Finally, after the successful resolution of your case, we will receive remuneration for our services. Grupo MedLegal doesn’t charge unless the case is won.

You can contact us right away for representation from a specialist lawyer. We work with prestigious attorneys in each practice area who will seek the maximum financial payout for your claims. Grupo MedLegal’s lawyers will make a claim with the insurance company. Remember that if you have had a work accident, personal injury, or car accident, the claim will not be made to your boss—or the person responsible—it will be made to your boss’s workers’ compensation insurance company. Our lawyers are highly qualified, with over 30 years of experience in accident cases. They will support you throughout the entire process, filing the workers’ compensation or personal injury claim as appropriate by law to ensure that you will receive complete benefits.

Likewise, we offer high-quality medical treatment with the best health providers in your area. Medical attention for your injuries resulting from work or an accident is very important, since the consequences over time could even be fatal. Since your health is our first priority, our doctors will conduct the most sophisticated tests to offer you the appropriate medical treatment so that you can be restored to full health. Grupo MedLegal has excellent physician specialists in every area, authorized by the state to grant immediate disability to our clients. Furthermore, they know how to fill out the reports your lawyer needs to get maximum compensation. Besides medical and legal assistance in work accident, personal injury, and auto accident cases, we offer free medication, therapy, and medical devices to anyone who has had a case with Grupo MedLegal. Please contact us immediately after your accident so that we can begin helping you, and so that you can begin receiving your compensation check for your injury.

The areas of practice where we specialize are:

Workplace Accidents

We will try to find the best work compensation for the injuries suffered in your work, as well as cases of workplace harassment and discrimination at work. Find more legal information on workplace accidents here.

Transit Accidents

Our commitment is to assist you in your accident and seek to compensate for the damages suffered, we have taken cases of car accidents, accidents in public transport, road accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, etc. Find more legal information about traffic accidents here.

Personal Injury

If you have suffered a personal injury, we will advise you in legal and medical matters. We have carried cases of dog bites, falls and slips, defective products, etc. Find more personal injury information here.

Our trajectory over 30 years, has given us a prestige and respect within the industry, we have the highest ethical standards and our work team will provide you with an impeccable work according to your needs. Our lawyers are committed to offer you the best service with the passion that characterizes them. For us each case is important, so each case we work with thoroughness, strategy and complete documentation, this is reflected in the success of our cases throughout our experience.Our commitment to the Hispanic and Latino community is of the utmost importance to us, so do not worry about communicating with us.

We count with presence in the most important cities of diverse states of the United States, like Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, PhiladelphiaNew YorkNew Jersey and Florida.

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