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At Grupo MedLegal, the most important thing is to achieve the best possible solution to your case. This is where our outstanding team of lawyers comes in, ready to provide legal counsel. However, your health is another important point; which is why we also offer a team of doctors who are specialists in injuries and wounds caused by car accidents, work accidents, or personal injuries. We provide medical care in different clinics in major cities of the United States.

If you or someone you know has suffered an accident or injury, it’s important for you to know your rights from the beginning to avoid unjust situations and possible abuses from insurance companies, which in many cases capitalize on a person’s lack of legal knowledge. There is a lot of misinformation on this topic; many times, the insurance company itself states that they do not cover certain types of injuries or contingencies and are not liable for medical care; or, they handle the case in an unsatisfactory way.

Since an accident can be a traumatic experience with a lot of uncertainty, many people make the mistake of not seeking medical help due to lack of finances. In addition to medical care, we know you could also be stressed from having to deal with lawyers, insurance companies, and auto repairs. We know what your needs are and therefore can offer you free, high-quality specialized medical care with Grupo MedLegal.

At the same time, Grupo MedLegal’s doctors will help you with filling out compensation paperwork for your injuries, thus allowing you to provide all the information that the attorney requires to win the case. This is why you should never sign any type of document before being evaluated by a medical professional. Be aware that it’s necessary to wait until all wounds or injuries provoked by the accident or contingency can be observed, especially on the knees, back, and neck, which are parts of the body that are slower to manifest injuries.

The injury evaluation and record document is vitally important for winning your case; therefore, it should contain all details of apparent injuries, including very light pain such as a slight headache; so that you can obtain reimbursement for your losses, including expenses from the pain and suffering of missed pay. This evaluation and documentation throughout the entire recovery process is a key component for monetary remuneration.

At Grupo MedLegal, our medical specialists have treated the following cases:

Health is very important to us. By allowing us to serve you, we believe you will be completely assured of receiving the best treatment possible from a medical specialist who will provide you with both outstanding care and optimum results. Our physicians will constantly follow up to ensure your complete recovery from the accident.

Grupo MedLegal has been serving the Latino community for over 30 years in various regions of the United States, such as Los Angeles, California; New York; New Jersey; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; and Miami, Florida. We offer free medical attention and treatment with doctors specializing in car accident injuries, work accidents, and personal injuries.

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