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Employment Lawyers

At Grupo MedLegal, you will find the best team of labor compensation specialist lawyers. They are well-equipped to represent your case and seek the maximum financial remuneration.

An employment lawyer will take over the defense of all rights that a worker has (and a company as well), always seeking to prevent and protect against abuses within the company. Additionally, he or she will inform workers of the rights and benefits they are entitled to from the moment they are hired, as well as the applicable labor obligations; always seeking labor compensation for the employee or savings for the company from the cost of termination and financial penalties.

Normally, a labor or employment lawyer specializes in cases of:

Our employment lawyers have over 30 years of experience providing legal counsel to the Latino community in the United States. They work day to day with the philosophy of representing Grupo MedLegal as the best solution for labor compensation cases; giving quality service, becoming thoroughly familiarized with your case, answering all of your questions, providing all necessary documentation, and trying to resolve your case with the best possible outcome. Because of all of this, it is easy to see why our clients are satisfied and loyal to our services.

About United States Labor Laws

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What types of cases do employment lawyers handle?

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How do our employment lawyers handle a case?

In the United States, labor claims cases are more common than any other area of law, which is why hiring a specialized labor attorney for your case is of utmost importance. There are cases in which individuals represent themselves by taking their case to court, but the best recommendation will always be to get help from an expert in employment rights in the United States. An employment lawyer can help you present a compensation claim if you have suffered or if you have one of the situations mentioned above (wrongful dismissal, workplace accident, workplace harassment, etc.). The Grupo MedLegal employment lawyers have the necessary experience and are willing to represent your case with the goal of winning. They will counsel you throughout the process and defend any and all rights you have as a worker. They will also seek for you to receive just payment of workers’ compensation benefits. We have successfully won many court cases in different parts of the U.S., such as: CaliforniaNew YorkNew JerseyPennsylvaniaIllinoisAtlanta, Georgia; and Miami, Florida. If you have suffered a workplace accident or have been unfairly dismissed, or if you believe we could help you with a case, contact us to get in touch with our employment lawyers in different cities of the United States:

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