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10 Reasons to Consult a Car Accident Doctor

After a car accident, many injured people visit the emergency room or see their family doctor. However, many doctors are not trained in accident injuries and may inadvertently hurt your chances of winning a lawsuit against the person who caused the accident.

If you were hurt in an auto accident, you need to see a doctor who specializes in this type of injuries, such as Grupo MedLegal’s medical professionals. Here are ten reasons why you should see one of our car accident lawyers in Chicago, Illinois:

  1. Many Family Doctors Will Not Treat Car Accident Injuries.

Auto accident cases typically require a physician to provide special forms and use complex invoicing procedures, and the physician may have to testify in court. Many doctors do not have the time or resources to complete a car accident case, and they refer these types of injuries to specialists.

  1. A Specialist Knows What Type of Injuries to Look For.

After an accident, injuries such as whiplash, brain trauma and soft tissue injuries may be difficult for regular physicians to detect. A specialist known what to look for to find these injuries.

  1. A Specialist Knows that Injuries Develop with Time.

Some severe injuries will take days or weeks to develop after an accident. Physicians who are not trained in accident injuries may not know that injuries that develop over time are related to your accident.

  1. A Specialist Knows What Forms Will Be Needed.

People who are injured in an accident may need to speak with their own insurance company, the other driver’s insurance company, and several other doctors, pharmacies, and medical professionals. A specialist knows which forms are needed for each type of medical invoice.

  1. A Specialist Can Make Reports to Your Insurance Company.

Your insurance company requires frequent updates about your injuries and condition. A specialist knows this and will make these reports on your behalf.

  1. A Specialist Can Provide Detailed Reports.

To improve your injury claim case, your doctor should provide detailed reports of your injuries and medical treatment. A specialist knows what has to be offered to the insurance company to correctly document your injuries and treatment.

  1. A Specialist Will Document Your Injuries.

Your injuries and treatments should be correctly documented, both for your insurance company and your accident claim. A specialist will know that he or she needs to take photos and thoroughly document your injury, as well as treatment results.

  1. A Specialist Knows Where to Send Your Medical Bills.

Your medical bills may be paid by your insurance, another insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid, or another medical service. A doctor who specializes in auto accidents will know who should receive the bills for your treatment. Remember that with Grupo MedLegal’s doctors you don’t need insurance; you won’t pay a cent for your medical treatment.

  1. A Specialist Has Experience in Court.

If an auto accident case goes to trial, your doctor may have to testify in court or in depositions, or provide sworn statements about your injuries. Most doctors do not have much experience testifying. However, a doctor who specializes in auto accidents will know how to handle judicial proceedings and can help you win your case. Furthermore, Grupo MedLegal’s accident doctors know how to fill out the compensation paperwork that your lawyer needs to win your case.

  1. A Specialist Can Refer You to Other Medical Professionals.

There are many types of injuries that require long-term treatment from physical therapists, chiropractors, or other medical professionals. A specialist has the resources and connections with these kinds of professionals in medicine, and can suggest a specialist who can help you with long-term treatment for your particular type of injury.

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