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10 Reasons to Consult a Work Injury Lawyer

In the United States and the entire world, many workers sustain Injuries on the Job. Contrary to popular opinion, work injuries and illnesses occur in factories and construction sites the same as in offices. Employers are responsible for protecting and providing a safe environment for their workers. Nevertheless, work-related illnesses are quite common.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law

In the state of Illinois, the Workers’ Compensation department ensures and guarantees that employees receive medical benefits and payments for work-related illnesses. Work-related illnesses are those that are caused or exacerbated while performing work. Among the most common work-related illnesses are mesothelioma, asthma, hearing or vision loss, and chronic back and muscular pain.

Reasons You Should Contact a Lawyer Specializing in Work-Related Injuries

  1. Extensive review and analysis or your case: workers often feel poorly or sick but are not aware that the law offers them medical benefits and compensation payments so that they can recover. Grupo MedLegal’s accident doctors and lawyers analyze your case and send doctors familiarized with work-related accidents. Depending on the result, you not only may qualify for financial remuneration and medical treatment, but you may also have the right to be re-trained for a different position.
  2. Assurance that you will not miss the required deadline to receive benefits, according to the applicable statute of limitations in Illinois.
  3. Strategy to proceed quickly and effectively so that you can receive all types of benefits you are entitled to by law.
  4. Assistance and precision of language to fill out benefits forms required by law as well as notifying your employer and submitting the necessary medical reports and legal terminology to maximize quick approval of the case.
  5. Over 30 years of experience at your disposal. We offer you our full attention to the case with the sole objective of maximizing your earnings. In these cases there are many parties involved but the only ones with your interests in mind are your lawyers.
  6. Legal determination of other entities known as third parties, responsible for your injury, and to whom the law gives you right to sue in court.
  7. Analysis of your family structure and determining if close family members have the right to recover part of the benefits.
  8. Free initial consultation, and once the case is assigned, if you do not win, you do not have reimburse or pay anything to your lawyers.
  9. Legal assistance in the appeals process if your claim has already been denied.
  10. Legal assistance to change doctors if you are not satisfied with your current doctor or you do not notice an improvement from the treatment.

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