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Accidents Typically Occurring in Shopping Centers

Stores and commercial establishments have a good deal of pedestrian traffic. Statistically, increased traffic increases the number of accidents, even when all the correct safety precautions are taken, although, unfortunately, safety is not always the first priority. The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) reports that falls lead to eight million emergency room cases per year. While some accidents have minor effects, others are severe enough to require medical attention and a good lawyer. Here you will learn the most common types of accidents that occur in commercial establishments and how you can go about making a claim.

The Most Typical Accidents in Stores and How They Happen

  1. Slips: clients can slip and fall for many reasons but the main causes are slippery substances on the floor, water from recent cleaning, and wet shoes due to rainy conditions.
  2. Trips: usually the shelves are stocked after stores are closed to the public, but sometimes boxes of merchandise or stepladders may be left in the store aisles. These unexpected obstacles can create a dangerous situation, allowing for tripping over them.
  3. Sprained ankle: damaged or worn carpets are dangerous. High-heeled shoes, in particular, can easily become entangled, resulting in twisted ankles.
  4. Blows and bruises: poorly stacked merchandise can lead to serious injuries. When clients remove articles from the shelves, they may trigger an avalanche in the rest of the goods. There have been situations in which the falling merchandise was so heavy and fell with such force on the customer’s head that the accident was fatal.
  5. Falls in the parking lot: many shopping centers either provide insufficient lighting or do not keep all the street lamps in working order. With poor lighting hindering vision and their hands full of the goods they have purchased, clients can easily fall and often do.

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