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Undocumented people can apply for workers’ compensation

Accidents at work can occur in different ways, they can even be temporary or total. The most common are cut of all kinds, either by excessive work or by a cut while doing a specific job. Another type of common accidents are falls and slips; Apply for workers’ compensation without importing your immigration status.

There are two types of disability benefits, both, payments to compensate for lost wages while you are recovering from your injury or illness.

Complete Temporary Disability (Temporary Total Disability, TTD in English). Full Disability payments are made if you can not work under any circumstances during your recovery.

Temporary Partial Disability (Temporary Partial Disability, TPD). Partial Disability Payments (TPD) can be made if they can report to work, but with restrictions, say, for limited hours or for doing work from minor to minor. A Complete Disability (TTD) may also be eligible if your doctor restricts the type of work you can do, and your employer does not provide full-time work that fits your restrictions.

At MedLegal Group we are committed to the rights of workers, each case is unique and we treat it in a particular way. Our team of lawyers and doctors are specialists in matters of workers’ compensation and accidents at work. The Latin community in the United States recognizes us as the leading company in legal and medical matters.

On many occasions, abusive employers have taken advantage of the ignorance or fear of their employees, and do not have the assurance that workers have the right to do so, and that they do not have to open the Compensation case. Worker that deserves, that is derived in miles of employees that do not work in the medical treatment and the payment of incapacity, whereas it can not appear to work. Similarly, it is the case that employers ignore medical restrictions, and force workers to do the same when the ends are not trained to do so.

If you suffer from this type of injustice, or simply have an accident, or have developed a series of practices derived from your real work, it is important that you decide to act soon, call the MedLegal Group, where you will find immediate assistance. You can trust that Grupo MedLegal will provide you with the support you need to ensure that you receive all the benefits you have, and that you receive fair compensation for your injuries, that it does not only provide you with the representation of an experienced lawyer. extensive in Workers Compensation, but we also provide free medical care you need, help with highly qualified drugs, which works to your benefit.

If you suffer an injury or accident do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to respond to a case we have in our hands. Many people trust Grupo MedLegal and allow us to carry out their cases with total success and always seeking the greatest possible benefit.

Even if your workplace accident is less than two years old and you can be deported in Mexico, you may need help to save it regardless of your immigration status and whether you have papers or not.

Grupo MedLegal will assist you with specialized medical care and will channel you with an experienced Labor Accident lawyer to take your case from the United States.

Our experience is backed by three decades of solutions. We are here to support you. Grupo MedLegal is available at all times, if you need help with your injury, it can help you have the best care and answer any questions you may have.

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