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Are Lawyers Required for Employment Lawsuits?

The United States and the United Kingdom are among the countries that permit people to be their own legal representatives in a lawsuit. People who decide to abstain from hiring attorneys and represent themselves are known as pro se representatives. This term comes from the Latin word that means auto-representation.

Advantages of Pro Se Representation

There are very few advantages to choosing this type of representation. State courts have created guidelines that outline the legal process step by step and the necessary documents to file a lawsuit. The person has the advantage of creating a tactical and legal strategy to follow throughout the legal process. He or she maintains control of the case at all times and conducts his or her own investigation and produces evidence. In the unlikely event that you win a case this way or arrive at a financial agreement, you don’t have to share the expense with lawyers.

Complexities of the Legal Process

  1. The first step to follow is to submit an application in court called Summons and Complaint. This form or set of papers should contain the necessary information to be accepted. Additionally, these documents must be provided to the opposite party, following a strict protocol.
  2. The disclosure process is where the opposing parties have conferences and demand documents and pertinent information to the case. At the same time, legal motions are made. For a pro se representative, this step is very risky because if he or she has not been able to produce evidence or establish cause, the case may be discarded from court.
  3. The deposition process is where both parties question relevant persons in the claim. If the pro se representative does not know the type of information to submit to justify the complaint, and also does not know how to block questions that are irrelevant, he or she can lose the case. Usually, law firms do not send inexperienced lawyers to conduct depositions because they do not have sufficient experience to obtain satisfactory results in this very critical step. In the legal world, many consider that a case is won or lost during the deposition and not in the trial.
  4. Just before the trial, when all parties have established their defenses and causes, medical and financial results, the judge requires and encourages the parties to arrive at a financial agreement due to the saturation of court cases. This is especially true of New York state courts. A small percent of cases filed in court end in a trial.
  5. A trial is the culminant and decisive moment in this process. Here there are many legal rules of evidence that are indispensable to know to be able to successfully prove the case and convince the jury.

Why Should You Choose Attorneys to Represent You in an Employment Lawsuit?

The law applies the same rules and treats attorneys the same way as they treat pro se representatives. The judge or court legal secretary cannot help you or advise you about how to proceed. If you make mistakes, do not meet established deadlines or technical requirements during the disclosure phase and/or do not know the rules of evidence during the trial, you will most likely lose the case as well lose the ability to file your lawsuit again. Think about how you will face specialist lawyers in this type of law, who have seen cases like yours countless times and have developed strategies and legal tactics through the years. It is so critical to have a specialist lawyer to represent you that even attorneys in other areas such as patent law or last will and testament law will hire divorce lawyers for a divorce and accident lawyers for an accident. Each area of law is very complex and detailed.

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