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Are Online Consultations with Labor Attorneys Reliable?

No matter where you live or what your case is, initial legal consultations can be effectively carried out on-line or in person. If you have a legal emergency, you may find it difficult and costly to get legal help and advice quickly if you don’t already have a trusted lawyer. Fortunately, new technology can help us in many areas of life…even in legal situations.

How can I make sure my on-line consultation is useful?

  • The internet is very helpful in obtaining legal information, but you should make sure the firm you find online to advise you has the qualifications to offer you professional service.
  • Make sure the online lawyers you are consulting are experts in your case and know the labor laws in Chicago, Illinois. Otherwise you might not get proper advice.
  • Make sure the lawyers speak your language perfectly; otherwise they might as well speak to you in Chinese.
  • To get the most out of your consultation, make notes ahead of time about your legal situation so that you can easily explain the important details to the lawyer. Have a list of the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of everyone connected with your case (including witnesses), as well as all necessary documents.
  • Be sure to explain your case clearly and not to omit any details you think may be important.
  • Once you’ve explained your situation, wait for the lawyer to ask you questions so he or she can get a clear understanding of your case.
  • Ask your own questions clearly and concisely. Don’t make assumptions or answer your own questions; let the expert explain the rights and responsibilities that apply to you.
  • Make sure to ask what documentation is necessary to open your case, and whether it should be sent through the mail, e-mail, or fax. You may also need to make a visit to the lawyer’s office.

What is the best way to work with my lawyer?

  • Make sure you understand and are satisfied with your lawyer’s way of working. You will be working very closely with him or her until your case is resolved.
  • Make sure you have a clear idea of how long it might take to resolve your case.
  • Provide the lawyer with all of the information and documentation necessary for him or her to understand and properly prepare your case.
  • Make sure you give your lawyer information about anything that occurs relating to your case, even if you think it could be harmful or unimportant. It may be necessary information for your lawyer.
  • Be sure to contact your lawyer promptly whenever you have a question or concern about your legal issue. Listen to his or her response and act in accordance. This will help your lawyer prepare your case and may lead to better and faster results.

It never hurts to talk to a lawyer, and it is undoubtedly the best thing you can do if you think you have a legal problem that you cannot resolve on your own.

This Blog is made available by Grupo MedLegal for informational purposes only and does not provide legal or medical advice. The information provided on the Blog should not be used as a substitute for competent legal or medical advice from a licensed professional.

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