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Benefits of Contacting a Workplace Accident Lawyer

If you have had a work accident, you may have been informed about the process for requesting compensation. The instructions usually seem quite simple. First, you should notify your employer within thirty days of the injury and go to a doctor to confirm that you are injured and confirm the description of your injuries. Then, you should find, complete, and submit the Workers’ Compensation form required by the state of California, and finally just wait a short time to start receiving benefits. Unfortunately, in most cases, it doesn’t happen that way. Sometimes doctors dispute the claim, a supervisor denies that the injury occurred at work, and/or the Division of Workers’ Compensation denies you benefits. With legal process requirements on one side and bureaucracy on the other, you remain in the middle with your injuries—desperate, and without a paycheck. What should you do? The quickest and safest way to be approved for compensation is to seek the legal counsel of employment lawyers.

Benefits of Seeking Legal Counsel from Employment Lawyers in Cases of Workplace Accidents:

  1. Protect your right to make a claim: the California Division of Workers’ Compensation requires you to notify your employer within the first thirty days from the time of your injury. But lawyers recommend doing so as soon as possible. We, the doctors and accident lawyers at Grupo MedLegal, recommend doing so at the time of the accident so that there can be no doubting the incident and to make it easier to find witnesses to corroborate your version of what happened.
  2. Protect your job: your employer may retaliate when you claim your benefits. Such retaliation is illegal, and is penalized under the law, so some employers look for another excuse to dismiss you or demote you. Fortunately, when you have someone defending your rights, employers are more cautious and more likely to respect your work position.
  3. Increase your likelihood of receiving benefits: with the vast experience of our lawyers specializing in workplace accidents at your disposal, you can rest assured that you will follow all of the steps correctly from the start. It’s imperative to establish a solid legal basis for your claim to be successful. The legal services you will enjoy include assistance in filling out the Workers’ Compensation form using appropriate terminology and including all relevant details. When you are represented by the doctors and lawyers at Grupo MedLegal, employers and the staff at Workers’ Compensation will respect you more and won’t make things so difficult for you.
  4. You will recover all of the benefits Workers’ Compensation offers you: during your legal consultation, an attorney will determine which benefits you qualify for depending on your injury and the way in which it occurred. You will probably receive medical care, payments classified as either temporary or permanent compensation for partial or total disability, and in the most serious cases, death benefits.
  5. The lawyers will assist you in securing a different medical care provider if you are not satisfied: the fact that you have been assigned a doctor you do not agree with does not mean you have to accept that designation. You have a right to change doctors as long as the replacement meets all necessary requirements.
  6. Get help with appeals if your benefits were denied: unfortunately, many clients seek legal help when their benefits have already been denied. Although it’s preferable to begin the process with legal assistance to ensure your success, all is not lost. Lawyers will review the forms and reports that you have sent in and decide whether you have been unjustly denied. If so, they will begin the appeal process. You will not be charged any legal fees if you do not obtain compensation.
  7. They will determine whether you can sue any third parties: the greatest benefits are to be obtained when it is discovered that there is a third party (entity) responsible for your accident. In this case, you are entitled to compensation for damages and punitive damages in extreme cases.

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