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Benefits of Seeking Medical and Legal Assistance in Case of an Accident

When you suffer an accident, the first thing you need is medical attention. Usually, you receive it immediately or a short time afterward. The next step is to be reimbursed for the medical expenses, loss of salary and property, and other things. This leads to hiring a lawyer so that the process runs without mishap and increases your chances of getting money back. As a result, you seek medical help from one place, and legal help from another, which is not ideal. Fortunately, Grupo MedLegal’s accident doctors and lawyers exist to integrate the best physicians and accident attorneys. This joining of professionals works together and their success is reflected in their results.

What Benefits Do You Obtain by Seeking Medical and Legal Help after an Accident?

It is indispensable to obtain medical help in case of an accident. There are situations in which injuries or wounds are so severe that you have no other option but to go to the hospital. However, in many cases you may feel pain and discomfort but decide to self-medicate with the hope of getting better. We see this more with clients who are undocumented, lack health insurance and/or fear incurring expenses they cannot pay. Not seeking medical help after an accident can affect you in two ways:

  1. You will worsen your physical condition if you do not receive medical attention and this may affect you for the rest of your life. A common accident injury is back pain due to a herniated disc and/or other factors. Web MD explains the different causes of back pain and how to manage them.
  2. When you decide to contact a lawyer because you can no longer endure the pain, your case loses credibility if you did not seek medical help immediately. Your opponent is going to argue that if you were truly injured, you would have sought help immediately.

When you allow Grupo MedLegal to represent you, the first thing we recommend is to see our doctors. They have the best technology and treatment to try to correct or eliminate your injury or condition. These doctors get in contact with the attorneys in the same group, where they inform you what type of injury you suffered and produce the medical reports. At the same time they write medical reports with the necessary legal language. The lawyers present this evidence to the opposite party. There is also open and professional communication between our physicians and attorneys. If the case goes to trial, our physicians testify as the experts they are, and their testimony is submitted by the attorneys. So many years of doing the same thing with the same professionals creates an indestructible relationship and an enviable dynamic.

Not only is it recommended that you hire doctors and lawyers, but that you hire Grupo MedLegal’s accident doctors and lawyers. We have a significant legal presence in the cosmopolitan city of New York and the adjacent counties.

This Blog is made available by Grupo MedLegal for informational purposes only and does not provide legal or medical advice. The information provided on the Blog should not be used as a substitute for competent legal or medical advice from a licensed professional.

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