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Benefits Offered by Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Slips and falls occur on a daily basis, with varying results. Sometimes the only consequence is the embarrassment of knowing we’ve been the cause of a few chuckles. And even when injuries result, sometimes we know we are to blame for the accident. However, there are also occasions when painful slips and falls are caused by dangerous conditions. These accidents may lead to great suffering and financial loss. The wisest thing to do in the latter situation is to contact a slip and fall accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Benefits Offered by Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

  1. Legal Experience at Your Disposal: the defendant in slip and fall claims is usually insurance companies with lawyers who specialize in deflecting claims. Why shouldn’t you have a legal expert fighting for your rights?
  1. Financial Resources Needed for Legal Action: litigation requires extensive funds, which only grow as the case progresses. Slip and fall accident attorneys do not charge in advance or by the hour. They take a risk, convinced that they will win your case. If you don’t recover anything, neither do they.
  1. Sending Investigators to Gather Evidence in the Form of Photographs of the Place Where the Fall Occurred: it’s essential to demonstrate the dangerous conditions behind the accident. In the case of snow or ice on a sidewalk, there’s no time to lose since these conditions can quickly disappear or be corrected. The law requires you to demonstrate the existence of dangerous conditions, and pictures constitute hard evidence.
  1. Securing and Protecting Any Available Records or Videos: when slips or falls happen in commercial establishments with video cameras, recordings must be requested in a timely manner or they will be lost when tapes are reused, sometimes only twenty-four hours later.
  2. Attorneys’ Fiduciary Duty: the professional code of ethics requires lawyers to put their clients’ interests before their own, fighting for you even to their detriment or when it means going against their personal values.
  1. Assistance in Securing a Change of Physician or Getting Approval for Denied Treatment: sometimes insurance companies assign physicians who clients do not agree with. What clients often don’t know is that they can request a change of physician. In addition, when medical treatment has been denied by the insurance company, the decision can be appealed. Don’t let your lack of knowledge of legal matters get in your way. Lawyers will intervene to ensure that insurance companies don’t take advantage of you.
  1. Increasing the Likelihood of Success and Maximizing Your Compensation: with highly competent legal experts fighting for you and guiding you through the legal process, you can count on better results.

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