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Benefits Workers are Entitled to in the United States

By law, all companies and employers are obligated to protect their employees in the event of an accident or injury on the job. They are required to provide coverage that guarantees compensation for all workers in all categories, regardless of the type of employment or the person’s situation (provided he or she complies with the regulations to receive these benefits). This is established by the Workers’ Compensation Act.

If a worker suffers an accident, what are the benefits that this labor compensation law offers? If you have been injured while working, the law covers all types of accidents, whether you are at fault or not; as well as any type of physical discomfort or illness caused by doing your job. It’s very important that the worker inform the company or boss about an accident as soon as it occurs, since this is the only way to access these compensation benefits.

Each state has different variations of this law; however, all of them cover 3 important bylaws:

  • Total coverage of expenses stemming from the accident
  • Work-related disability
  • Monetary remuneration for long-term damages caused.

Medical expenses: If you are experiencing or have experienced physical problems related to your current job, the company is obligated to pay the total cost of medical and surgical services provided by a doctor or health provider. Likewise, coverage for this expense includes everything related to medication, hospital treatment, rehabilitation, psychological consultation and supportive devices, among others. It’s important for the medical diagnosis be made in the same state where the accident occurred, since each state has its own labor compensation laws.

Work-related disability: The company is required to compensate lost wages if it is determined that because of the seriousness of the accident, the employee is partially or totally disabled and cannot perform his regular work activities. He or she will receive a partial wage remuneration. The time period assigned can vary and depends completely on the medical follow-up. Additionally, after a certain time, the company may request a review of the current diagnosis of the disabled worker.

Long-term compensation: When the worker has suffered an accident involving a permanent injury or malady, the company is required to give him or her a financial remuneration at the conclusion of the treatment received. The amount depends on the gravity of the accident and the harm that the person has suffered.

There are different variations of labor compensation and how it applies to each person and his or her case, which is why it is not possible to guarantee results or specific amounts for these obligations.

For further orientation on these subjects, Grupo MedLegal is here to help you with offices in different states of the US; our team of specialist lawyers in labor compensation and benefits for workers offer you their experience. Many people have trusted us with their cases and we have represented them successfully. We offer legal counsel at absolutely no cost, as well as medical treatment.

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