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Can I receive compensation for a neck injury?

Many of today’s workers do not know that repetitive or continuous action can have many short or long-term effects on a person’s health, causing small injuries that can eventually even lead to surgery. One of the most common examples of work accidents is a neck injury which cause the worker to have difficulty performing normal work duties and carry out his or her daily routine.

It is very important that a worker who is experiencing or feeling pain get the necessary medical attention since a neck injury can affect different parts of the body, such as muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, or nerves. Pain that may seem insignificant can extend to other parts of the body like the shoulders, the back, the head, or the arms, and may result in such things as herniated discs, disc protrusion, neck tumors, torticollis, dizziness, spasms, deformities, etc.

The most common cause of this type of neck injury is excessive use; in other words, when a worker does one activity constantly (also called “repetitive motion”) it frequently causes discomfort in some part of the neck. An uncomfortable position at your desk, spending a lot of time on the computer in an incorrect position because of inadequate furniture, constantly carrying heavy objects, falling or slipping, chafing from an accident, emotional stress, or the use of machinery that requires physical force are some causes of this type of work injury.

Medical treatment varies greatly and depends completely upon the reason for the injury, but in general it includes anything from applying ice packs and cold compresses to physical therapy, hydrotherapy, pain medications, a posture-correcting collar, massage, acupuncture, and in case of severe injury, even specialized surgery. In addition, a variety of examinations and diagnostic tests may be required to find the best solution, including x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, etc.

If the injury was caused by work, it is important for the employee to report it immediately and get adequate medical treatment from the company’s doctors or insurance. In a case where the employer or boss refuses to provide medical attention and treatment, an employee can seek help from an Employment Attorney in order to file a formal complaint with the authorities, because the law requires all companies to offer these benefits to their employees.

The labor attorneys at Grupo MedLegal can help you get the maximum workers’ compensation to cover all your medical costs, temporary or permanent disability, as well as lawyers’ fees and additional costs that may arise in the case; however, it is essential that the worker report the injury as soon as possible, get advice, and have a medical diagnosis that confirms that the injury was caused by a work accident.

Do you have further questions about whether you can get workers’ compensation for your neck injury? Do you need free medical treatment? Are you wondering if there is a lawyer available in your area? One of our consultants can answer your questions completely free of charge. All information you give us will be kept confidential regardless of your migratory status or if you are undocumented. Contact us by phone or write us for legal advice and medical treatment right away.

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