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Cases of Injuries in Noisy Workplaces

An appropriate work environment is not only essential for obtaining good results; it is also regulated by labor law. In the United States, close to 9 million employees are daily exposed to noise that could affect their physical condition and have a negative impact. As a country with a large number of factories, companies should be aware of noise exposure in the workplace for the simple reason that it affects workers physiologically and psychologically. Grupo MedLegal has represented cases of work accidents in the U.S. due to noise:

Trenton, New Jersey: After working for 8 years as a machine operator in a factory, an employee began to suffer continuous headaches due to the noise. He reported his injury, but instead of receiving treatment, he was fired.

New York, New York: On January 15, a construction worker suffered a serious ear injury when he took off his ear protection that he was using to protect against the noise of percussion driver drills. Removing the protection caused a vacuum effect, causing an explosion in his ear when uncovering it. He reported the accident to his employer, showing him the bloody ear, and instead of calling an ambulance, they promised to take him to the doctor but left him waiting in the company parking lot without anyone coming to help him.

Los Angeles, California: After working for over 13 years in a factory, an employee developed severe hearing loss in his left ear, which required the use of a hearing aid. He reported this to his employer, who claimed that it was unrelated to his job.

Chicago, Illinois: After working for 4 years in construction, a worker developed hearing loss in both ears.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: After working 3 years as a factory machine operator, an employee began to experience severe headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. After a medical exam, her doctor told her that she had developed inner ear inflammation due to constant noise exposure.

If you are suffering from or have suffered physical problems due to noise in the workplace, contact our qualified staff and receive compensation, legal counsel, and proper medical treatment. At Grupo MedLegal, we have experts who can represent your case.

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