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Claiming Compensation for Physical Injuries at Work

Most workers understand that workers’ compensation laws protect people who have accidents or injuries on the job. What they don’t know is that workers’ compensation benefits also give compensation to workers who suffer physical problems from their jobs, such as back pain, neck pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive work causes small problems that can grow and turn into severe disabilities over time.

If your job causes irritation or pain that limits your ability to work, you have the right to request workers’ compensation benefits. Contact a lawyer in Chicago, Illinois to learn more about the amount of money you can receive in compensation for your injuries.

Gradual Physical Injuries

Not all injuries are caused by a sudden accident. Many times, an injury is produced gradually after years of repetitive motion. For example, a worker who works on a production line, or who lifts heavy boxes all day, can develop stretch injuries in his or her back, shoulders, or arms.

Furthermore, tasks that worsen pre-existing conditions may be covered under Illinois law. If a previous job left an employee with a back injury, but the employee can prove that his or her current job made the injury worse, the employee is probably eligible for workers’ compensation payments.

Benefits for Physical Injuries

To receive workers’ compensation benefits for gradual injuries, a worker must demonstrate that his or her injury is work-related, and was caused by something more than the normal aging process. Grupo MedLegal’s accident doctors know how to fill out the compensation paperwork that your lawyer will need to make your claim.

Once the worker’s rights to compensation have been established, an injured worker will be able to receive many different types of benefits to correct the condition.

Usually, these workers will receive physical therapy, modified work assignments, or possibly surgery if the condition can be fixed. If a worker’s injury is permanent, or if it makes him or her miss a significant amount of time at work, he or she may receive disability benefits in the form of weekly payments.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Each person’s injury is different, and each requires unique treatment.

If you believe your chronic pain or injury is work-related, don’t wait to seek medical treatment. It’s best to treat gradual injuries before they get worse.

Contact Grupo MedLegal right away and in 5 minutes we will make an appointment for you with a doctor and lawyer specializing in cases of repetitive motion injury. Your doctor will be able to tell you if your condition is work-related. If that is the case, the next step should be to speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer.

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