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Compensation for Car Accidents with Passengers

During the course of the day, millions of people in the United States use different means of transportation to arrive at their destinations. Whether they use their own vehicles or use buses, taxis, trains, and subways, all of these are susceptible to mishaps during their commute, especially considering the high rate of traffic accidents in the U.S. each day. However, can a compensation claim be made as a passenger in an accident? The answer is yes: when a person travels or purchases a ticket for whatever means of public transportation, the cost of insurance is implicit in the cost. Therefore, the passenger has the right to a payment from suffering damages from the accident and that could cover medical assistance, disability, or death of the passenger. However, many people are unaware of these benefits. Grupo MedLegal has represented this type of case with great success, such as these:

On February 6 in the city of Trenton, New Jersey, while riding in a taxi that was waiting for a traffic light to change, a passenger was injured when another driver failed to brake on time and impacted the taxi from behind.

In New York City, on May 3, while on the job and proceeding through a green light, a driver and passenger were hit by another driver who failed to stop. Due to this accident, the passenger suffered injuries to his neck, back, and hip. He received 2 months of medical treatment, but his employer decided to lay him off work.

On January 2 in Los Angeles, California, while traveling on N 7, a driver and passenger were hit on the right side of their vehicle when another driver failed to stop at an intersection, causing their vehicle to flip several times before crashing into a retaining wall. This accident caused serious injury to the passenger in her neck, shoulder, back, hand, and right foot and leg.

On May 14 in the city of Chicago, Illinois, a driver and two passengers were waiting for a traffic light to change when their vehicle was hit from behind by a distracted driver. Due to this accident, a passenger suffered injuries to his back, neck, and right leg. Believing that the injuries would resolve on their own, he did not make a claim for medical treatment. But after weeks of the pain becoming worse, he finally sought care on his own, discovering that his injuries required a long treatment period.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on January 16, a delivery driver and passenger traveling on Freeway 60 suffered back and neck injuries when they stopped for a traffic jam and another driver hit them from behind.

Thanks to the support they received from Grupo MedLegal, all of these people received their deserved compensation. If you have had an auto accident, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide free legal counsel and medical treatment for your injuries. Our offices are located in major cities in the United States.

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