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Differences Between Permanent and Temporary Disability from Work

When a worker is injured at work, the amount of workers’ compensation benefits he or she will receive depends on the type of injury the worker sustained.

In New York, there are four types of injury classifications: Temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, total permanent disability, and permanent partial disability.

To understand what type of benefits you could receive, you need the help of both a doctor specializing in work injuries and a workers’ compensation lawyer. At Grupo MedLegal, our doctors and lawyers in New York City are here to help you to qualify for all the benefits you deserve.

Temporary Total Disability

With this type of injury, the worker cannot work at all. However, it is expected that the injury will heal with time. Sometimes, workers injured in traffic accidents are totally disabled temporarily, but after some time will be able to return to work.

Temporary Partial Disability

Temporary partial disability is produced when the worker’s ability to perform a job is limited because of a temporary injury. For example, a worker with a broken arm isn’t able to do all of his or her normal duties, but can still do some types of work. Temporary partial disability benefits are the difference between what the worker would have earned if he or she were not hurt, and what the worker can earn performing modified duties.

Permanent Partial Disability

A permanent partial injury means that while the employee is able to perform a job, he or she is never going to heal from the injury suffered. For example, a worker who loses a hand in a machinery accident may be able to work in various capacities; however, the worker will always be party disabled because his or hand will never return.

The Workers’ Compensation Board maintains a list of permanent disabilities, as well as an indemnity calendar for your injuries. The amount of money you can receive as a result of your permanent injury will depend on which body part, organ, or system is injured.

Total Permanent Disability

A rating of total permanent disability is the worst type of classification that a worker can receive. Workers who are totally and permanently disabled have lost their ability to work forever. This type of classification is generally the result of a catastrophic injury, such as traumatic brain injury or paraplegia. There is no limit for the number of weeks an employee can receive compensation for this type of injury.

The amount of compensation you can receive for an injury suffered on the job will depend on the type of injury, the time you need to heal, and if your disability is permanent or temporary.

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