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Examples of Compensation for Work Accidents

Illinois Workers’ Compensation benefits are granted to workers who have an accident during the course of their duties at work. The only ones who are not entitled to these benefits are independent contractors. However, many employers use the title “independent contractor” for regular employees to avoid paying benefits. In the state of Illinois, your having the title of independent contractor does not mean you are one. The main factor in these cases is determined based on the control the employer has over you. If your employer makes you report your hours, provides you with the necessary tools and materials to work, and tells you how you should perform your work, then you are not an independent contractor. The more control your employer has, the easier it is to determine that you are an employee, and therefore qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Examples of Workers’ Compensation

  1. Medical expenses incurred in the treatment of the injury or wound you sustained at work.
  2. Weekly payments of two thirds (2/3) of your average weekly pay over the last 52 weeks.
  3. Available funds that are used to re-train a worker who can return to the workforce but in a different capacity and does not have the skills needed to perform another job.
  4. Payments for temporary partial disability even after you return to the workforce in a different capacity, with diminished capacity or light duty, to compensate some for the difference between what you earned before the accident and after.
  5. Lifetime payments for total permanent disability if the injures are so severe that you cannot return to the workforce.
  6. The payments may increase if you sustained an injury that caused disfigurement, such as marks or scars to your face, arms, or legs below the knees, or from the chest up. Amputations are calculated in this category as well.

Examples of Compensation for Worker’s Close Family in Case of Death

  1. Payments to spouse until they remarry and to children who are minors for two thirds (2/3) the amount of the average weekly income earned for the last 52 weeks.
  2. Payment for funeral expenses.

Examples of Compensation for the Family if the Worker Survives for a Time After the Accident but Later Succumbs to the Injuries

  1. Payments to cover medical expenses before death under the Survival Act.
  2. Funeral expenses.
  3. Payments to close relatives who are dependents for damages that you would have received for the injuries if you had survived. This includes the right to receive non-accumulated income, pain and suffering and disfigurement.

Sometimes workers’ compensation benefits cases seem simple and the benefits easy to obtain. However, there are many requirements to follow, forms to complete and reports to make to be able to be eligible. All of this must be done quickly and even then, following the procedures, your claims may be rejected. We have over 30 years of experience with these cases. We stay up-to-date with changes to the law.

When you come to our free consultation, we explain the benefits of being treated by competent physicians from our group, who specialize in injuries sustained at work and know what types of forms to fill out and the medical language required to obtain benefits. On the other hand, our attorneys analyze the accident all the details involved to determine if there are other liable people or entities who can be sued.

The objective of our group of physicians and attorneys is for you to receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to by law. Remember, we are the only ones who are interested in maximizing your compensation. If you hire us, you can concentrate on recovering while we fight for you. You can call us any day, at any time. In Chicago, our reputation is already established as the leading defense lawyers for compensation benefits. We have the resources to face large companies and the personnel necessary to visit you in your home or the hospital if you cannot come to us.

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