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Financial habits that help immigrants succeed

Immigrants and their businesses

The TV channel CNBC made a report dedicated to the habits or financial customs of immigrants who arrive in the United States pursuing a better life.

Immigrants, in many cases, flee violent countries or where the lack of real opportunities keeps them and their families in poverty.

The desire to be better brings them to the United States, where their enthusiasm and dedication leads them to have better financial results, according to statistics.

Two factors that determine the triumph of immigrants is that they are:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • The amount of debt they have

Immigrants seek to create their own sources of income so as not to be subject to a job in which they are hired, they start their own businesses.

Another key measure of their financial strength is that immigrants use credit less often to buy cars, homes or start businesses. This results in significantly lower levels of indebtedness.

The decision to undertake and save as much as possible, coupled with the dedication, effort and love that immigrants print in their businesses are key to their success.

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