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Get your IDNYC regardless of your immigration status

The New York City free city identification card program, known as IDNYC, emerged in 2014, provides great benefits to New York residents regardless of their immigration status.

A card for the vulnerable population

The IDNYC was created with the goal of helping the most vulnerable population such as the elderly, homeless, ex-convicts ,and immigrants without legal status. Anyone over 14 years of age and residing in New York can apply for it.

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The card includes address, date of birth, height, eye color, signature and photo of the carrier. You can include preferred language and emergency contact. Veterans carry their printed status, and people can choose to be an organ donor.

IDNYC benefits

The IDNYC card, besides offering tickets and discounts to different attractions, helps to obtain access to the services and programs of the city.
It can be used to open an account in the New York Public Library, if you already have the account, you can synchronize it with the IDNYC card.

In addition, it is an acceptable form of identification for the police, and even some banks accept it to open an account.

How to obtain it

Residents who want to process the card must prove their identity and residence in the city of New York.

Documents such as a passport (US or foreign), driver’s license, birth certificate, residence card, school identification card, electronic transfer of benefits card, among others, can be used as proof of identity.

To prove residency, you can present a driver’s license with current address, utility bill, current lease agreement, bank statement, or a letter from a homeless shelter or a city agency.

The card is valid for five years from the date of approval of the application and the expiration date Is shown on the card.

Where to apply for the IDNYC card

To obtain the IDNYC card, an application can be completed online or at one of the city’s registration centers, located in all five counties.

You have to make an appointment in advance at the registration centre. To book an appointment you can do it through the IDNYC website, or by calling 311.

More information about the IDNYC on its official website and Facebook or Twitter

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