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Grupo MedLegal team shows talent at a workshop

With the goal of putting together a fun theater production for the Grupo MedLegal’s End of the Year Retreat, members of the different company departments came together for an improvisation (Improv) workshop to help them carry out this special event with ease.

Empleados de Grupo MedLegal en taller

Improvisation: a Tool in Life

Ruben Branco, professional actor and communication coach, was in charge of leading the project that gave our team the chance to develop beneficial job and life skills.

“People that take “improv” classes perform better and do more; their creativity soars, and above all, all doors remain open to new circumstances”, Branco commented.

Improv classes consist in creating a story based on the participants’ imagination. Rejection is not allowed and there should not be any agreements about what is to happen. Everything is spontaneous.

Based on this technique, participants create funny tales that entertain and make the audience laugh. In addition, participants learn about each other’s qualities so they can strengthen them.

Empleados de Grupo MedLegal en actividad en taller

Thanks to the enjoyable improv sessions, the Grupo MedLegal’s participants were able to put together a unique show that was entertaining but also helpful for the development of their personal and professional skills.

“Improv” is a life tool that helps to move through the world with greater ease through understanding and knowing how to cope with different situations, and how to work with others”, Branco concluded.

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