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Hiring Hispanic Attorneys in New York to Solve Your Legal Problem

We understand that Hispanic clients prefer to speak their own language to deal more easily with their legal cases. We also know the importance of their culture and the need to keep their information confidential. With Grupo MedLegal you have everything covered: we speak Spanish, we share your culture, and we respect your privacy.


Language can be a means of communication or a barrier that limits understanding. Clear communication is important when exchanging ideas with your lawyer. When it comes to legal problems, it is essential to have a mastery of the spoken and written language. You and the lawyer assigned to you should be able to communicate in the simplest and most practical manner. Don’t risk being misinterpreted or having vital information lost through misunderstanding. The Hispanic lawyers at Grupo MedLegal speak your language, facilitating understanding and the exchange of ideas so that your case won’t be hindered in any way. Grupo MedLegal is located in New York and we can help you in Spanish. To get help with your case, contact us.

Hispanic culture

People who speak the same language are not only able to communicate clearly, but they also have an important cultural link. Many lawyers want to convince us that they speak Spanish when in reality they only know a few words that they shout on a TV commercial. In order to understand and defend your case, a lawyer needs more than a collection of words and phrases; he or she needs to know the idiosyncrasies of the Latino culture and the Hispanic values that we identify with as Latinos.

Grupo MedLegal has attorneys that are completely bilingual and practice their profession in Spanish. The Hispanic lawyers at Grupo MedLegal know Latino traits and the needs and interests of the Hispanic community. You will always be well-represented by Grupo MedLegal, where we speak your language and share your culture. Contact a lawyer at Grupo MedLegal in Spanish and make a free appointment in your language.


One concern our clients have is the privacy of their information. They fear that in spite of privacy contracts, the presence of an interpreter compromises confidentiality and their information might be divulged. It is important that your trusted lawyer speak your native language so you won’t need a third party to understand him or her, which is why we have Spanish-speaking lawyers. Our Hispanic lawyers don’t need interpreters and can establish direct and effective communication while keeping your information private and confidential.

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