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How a Workers’ Rights Lawyer Can Help You

In many parts of the United States and in Pennsylvania  in particular, many workers are practically without rights or legal protection. Fortunately, however, this state has some laws and safeguards for protecting its workers. If your rights have been violated, you have legal recourse to defend yourself against your employer. Each work situation—whether dismissal, discrimination or mistreatment just for being different—requires knowledge of different laws, forms, and strategies . A workers’ rights lawyer can analyze your case and help you win.

Ways in Which a Workers’ Rights Lawyer Can Help You Win

  1. He or she knows the law: a lawyer specializing in workers’ rights knows the law and how to apply it in court. He or she is also familiar with the legal process and the various state agencies that you should appeal to before presenting a case for infringement of rights. Each case is unique, and one of the many talents of a good workers’ rights lawyer is the ability to present the pertinent facts in favor of the client while excluding or deflecting irrelevant evidence that the defendant wishes to present.
  2. He or she follows the law: the workers’ rights lawyer will ensure that you follow the statute of limitations so that you don’t miss your legal deadline for filing a claim. In addition, he or she will make use of the legal system to take care of information in the hands of your employer or former employer while using court processes to request information from your employer that is to your advantage.
  3. He or she will defend you faithfully and aggressively: workers’ rights lawyers want you to win your case and will do everything they can to make sure you’re successful. They have several motives for doing so:
  • Winning your case means they’ve met their obligation to help their client be successful.
  • They benefit financially since they aren’t paid until you are.
  • Their legal reputation improves, and consequently, they gain new clients.
  1. Financial resources at your disposal: the legal process is not only slow but also very costly. The investment of time and other resources in completing court applications, doing research, and finding expert testimony makes legal claims extremely expensive. Workers’ rights lawyers operate on clients’ financial resources and run the risk of losing their investment if you do not win.
  2. Fiduciary responsibility: when a lawyer decides to take your case, he or she will do whatever it takes for you to win. The code of professional ethics requires attorneys to put their clients’ interests above their own. Every decision they make in the legal process will have but one objective: to advance your case.


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