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How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer?

The city of New York and the adjacent areas such as Harlem, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island have vehicular congestion on the majority of their roadways most of the day. Along with this, the number of merchandise and food service delivery trucks and bicycles, taxis aggressively crossing lanes, and unlawfully parked vehicles contribute to the chaotic and at the same time amazing element of the streets of New York. Unfortunately, this causes an elevated number of car accidents of up to 4 fatalities per day. The result? Many claims and traffic accident lawyers, but quantity does not mean quality.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Car Accident Lawyer

  1. Experience: Auto accident laws are very specific, and the medical and legal requirements are very detailed. Experience is important in any profession or job, but with law, if the deadline is not met for the statute of limitation, or if the necessary medical report is not included, the economic repercussions are permanent. You may lose the case due to the incompetence of your legal representative.
  2. Relationship with Doctors: Not only is it indispensable to contact an excellent attorney, but you should also be referred and treated by competent physicians with experience in the type of injuries suffered or that may be suffered in accidents.

Grupo MedLegal’s group of accident physicians and attorneys have car accident specialist lawyers with more than 30 years of experience. At the same time, MedLegal’s group of doctors are not only familiar with the medical procedures and treatments in these cases, but also with the legal reports they need to fill out and the legal terminology they should use to handle your case efficiently. Lastly, they are accustomed to testifying in court where they communicate the injuries sustained by the patient in a clear and detailed way.

  1. Representation: It is important to determine if traffic accident lawyers represent plaintiffs (accident victims who have been injured) and defendants (persons who cause the accident) in the same way. It is more efficient and recommended for you to hire a firm specialized in representing plaintiffs solely and exclusively. This eliminates the risk of relationships with insurance companies, and with other attorneys who represent the opposite party.
  2. Free Consultation: You should not pay for a legal consultation. Some firms will try to charge you for the first consultation, even if they later determine that you do not have a legal case. Look for a firm that offers a thorough free consultation, where they ask you to take all documentation and medical records to make a minute and informed legal analysis.

Grupo MedLegal’s group of accident physicians and attorneys only represent plaintiffs. We are aggressive in our legal representation and we do not take consideration or allow ourselves to be intimidated by insurance companies. Furthermore, we offer you a free consultation where we review your case and we ask all types of pertinent questions. Remember, we do not charge if you do not receive financial remuneration. No excuses; no exceptions. Your wellbeing and satisfaction is our priority.

  1. Idiosyncrasy: Sometimes the decision to hire a lawyer, when all other factors are the same, lies in the sensation of trust, understanding, and good vibes you receive from the lawyer. The lawyer speaks your language, identifies with you, known what you and your family are going through and understands the financial repercussions you are suffering.
  2. Financial Resources: Some law firms or lawyers who practice alone do not have the necessary resources to face large insurance companies. This makes them try to establish the claim and push for a legal and financial agreement as soon as possible for less money than your case deserves. It is necessary to be willing to go to trial and have the financial capacity to proceed.

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