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How Will an Employment Lawyer Help You after an Accident?

Work accidents occur on a daily basis worldwide. Fortunately, civilized countries such as the United States offer benefits and protection for employees injured while performing their job. Although the different states, such as Illinois, have state agencies dedicated to assisting and processing Workers’ Compensation claims, employment lawyers can help you greatly after an accident.

Receive a Free Consultation

The accident doctors and attorneys at Grupo MedLegal will give you an absolutely free consultation. Your case will be reviewed by experts in this legal branch. Even if they decide that you do not need legal representation, you will receive free counsel to tell you the best way to proceed according to your situation. If it is decided that you have a case, the attorneys will take the legal reins to ensure that you receive every dime of the money you deserve.

Competent Legal Representation

From the moment you decide to put your case in the hands of employment lawyers, the legal battle begins. Your lawyers will ensure that you notify your employer within the required time limit. They will also submit the forms required by the Workers’ Compensation Commission of the state of Illinois. All notifications and calls regarding this case will be processed by the attorney’s office. You will be represented for as long as it takes to obtain a favorable solution and benefits payment. You will only be contacted to keep you up to date on the situation and/or to obtain additional information. You will have the time to devote to your recovery and your family, while the attorneys fight for you.

Assistance in Obtaining Competent Medical Treatment

Employment lawyers, especially ones such as the Grupo MedLegal accident doctors and lawyers, will assist you in obtaining competent medical attention. If you do not feel satisfied with the medical attention that you are receiving, your lawyers will process the change a select a new physician. At the same time, they will ensure that you are reimbursed for all medical expenses incurred during the treatment of your injury.

All Entities Responsible for Your Injury Are Identified and Prosecuted

Workers’ Compensation law limits your monetary compensation to 2/3 of your average weekly salary over the past year. Although this compensation helps you, en many cases it is not enough. Employment lawyers will meticulously analyze the circumstances surrounding your accident to determine if there are other entities or third parties responsible. In this case, a legal claim against parties is established. If it can be proved they were negligent, you will recover damages, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium. Your close relatives may join this claim because their lives have also been affected by the injury. In extreme cases, you may receive punitive damages to punish and teach a lesson to the negligent entity.

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