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Injured Workers’ Rights in California

If you were injured at work, or if you have a medical condition related to your job, California law protects your right to receive medical and treatment and compensation for your injuries.

Lean more about your legal rights after a work accident, and be sure to obtain the benefits you deserve. If your employer disputes these rights, you may need help from an injured workers’ rights lawyer, such as Grupo MedLegal’s attorneys.

Right to Medical Care

After an injury, you have the right to receive reasonable medical treatment for your injury or illness. Your employer’s insurance company must pay the necessary treatment for your injury that follows standard medical guidelines. Depending on whether a personal physician had been assigned before the injury, it is possible that you could receive treatment from your own doctor, or you may have to be treated by a doctor of your employer’s choice. However, keep in mind that your employer’s doctor works for the insurance company, while Grupo MedLegal’s doctors work for you and know how to fill out compensation paperwork so that your lawyer will have all evidence needed to continue with your claim.

Right to Treatment for All Conditions

California has a guilt-free compensation system. This means that employees have the right to treatment for any damages related to their job, regardless of who is at fault for the injury. Injured workers do not have to demonstrate that an employer caused the accident. If the injury occurred at work, or is work-related, the injured worker may request compensation. In exchange for not having to prove guilt, California workers renounce the right to make a claim against the employer for the majority of injury types.

Right to Disability Payments

If your injury hinders you from working, whether temporarily or permanently, the California legal system will provide weekly payments for injured workers. If your injury keeps you from working for several weeks, you can request compensation to make up for lost pay. If your injury causes you to be permanently disabled, you can recover lost pay as well as compensation for your permanent injury.

Additionally, if a worker is killed on the job, the worker’s family has the right to claim a compensation payment for the loss of their loved one.

Right to Combat Errors

If there was an error in your diagnosis, or if the employer refuses to pay for certain treatments, you have the right to dispute incorrect information. However, injured workers have a limited to appeal any negative decision.

If you believe an error has been made, contact a lawyer who specializes in workers’ rights. There are strict deadlines that workers must follow to successfully appeal a decision, and you can lose important rights if you wait too long.

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