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Injured Workers’ Rights: Things You Should Know

In the United States, most regulations dealing with worker rights are made at the state level. Federal law dictates treatment of issues such as discrimination and other violations of civil rights. This legislation prohibits discrimination against a worker based on his or her age, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, and religion. In addition, it establishes the minimum wage and the right to overtime wages. If federal and state law differ on some point, federal law prevails. If you have been injured at work or if you have a work-related medical condition, New York law protects the rights of injured workers by checking to make sure you receive the appropriate medical treatment and compensation for your injuries.

New York is a state that applies what is called at-will employment. This means that the employer can fire an employee for no reason other than that he or she wants to do so, and likewise, the employee can quit at any time. The attorneys and doctors at Grupo MedLegal are specialists in defending the rights of an injured worker. We will go over your case and help you to understand your rights. We will give you any information that will be of use to you.

The right to not be dismissed when there is a signed or implicit contract

An implicit contract exists if your employer has told you that you have job security as long as you fulfill your work obligations. Under this statute, the worker obtains some measure of protection.

The right to not be wrongfully dismissed

Wrongful reasons for dismissal include those based on public policy. You cannot be fired if you filed a workers’ compensation claim or if your employer requires you to carry out activities that are considered illegal.

The right to protection as an informer

If you have notified the appropriate authorities that your employer is breaking the law, he or she cannot fire you.

The right to not be dismissed for reporting sexual harassment

This right can apply to people of both sexes. If anyone reports sexual harassment, he or she cannot be fired.

The right to treatment under any condition

New York has a system called no-fault compensation. This means that employees have the right to treatment for any work-related injuries, no matter who is responsible for the accident.

The right to compensation for inability to work

If your injury does not allow you to work, whether temporarily or permanently, the legal system in New York grants injured workers weekly disability payments according to established wage schedules.

The right to appeal

If you have been denied benefits, you have the right to appeal any decision contrary to granting benefits. However, injured workers have a limited amount of time for appealing a negative outcome.

Injured workers’ rights are extremely important, so if you have been wrongfully dismissed in a clear violation of your rights, contact us, and we will be happy to review your case.

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