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Injuries from Defective Products in the United States

Products manufactured both outside and within the United States generate multi-million dollar revenues for companies each year. From products such as food, clothing, automobiles and electronics to tools or toys, each must pass through several stages of quality control before they can be placed on the market. This doesn’t mean they are exempt from defects and causing harm to consumers, however. Despite the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) regulations and lists of defective products which they remove from the market each year, thousands of injury cases are reported which are caused by defective products (false advertising, defects in design, and manufacturing defects). In the United States, each state has laws which allow consumers to take legal action due to damages or injuries caused by a product, called “product liability.” This law is for the purpose of providing compensation to consumers. Grupo MedLegal has successfully represented cases such as the following:

After using a pair of Skechers tennis shoes for 15 days for weight loss, a woman developed severe pain in both ankles. She went to a physician in Trenton, New Jersey and was told that she had deterioration in her Achilles heel cartilage from the use of these shoes, which is a permanent injury.

On April 6, in New York City, a woman suffered serious injuries when she had an auto accident in her SUV. Her safety seatbelt buckle failed, causing her to be ejected from her vehicle.

In Los Angeles, California at the end of February, while driving her recently-purchased car, a woman lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a retaining wall, after sudden brake failure.

On December 18, a young woman bought a new brand of eyeliner in Chicago, and after using it one time developed a severe allergic reaction in her eyes. At the same time, she discovered while trying to remove the product that her eyes had permanent eyeliner around them.

On July 24 in Wisconsin, a motor vehicle driver severely injured his head and back when the rear tire of his truck blew due to a factory defect, causing his vehicle to spin out of control and roll on a curve on the highway.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury from a defective product, don’t hesitate to contact us, as did the individuals in the cases above. We will evaluate the seriousness of your case and provide legal counsel with a lawyer specializing in defective products. At the same time, we will assist you with medical treatment for your injuries. Call any of our offices across the United States.

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