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Latino Workers’ Rights in the United States

Every year, tens of thousands of workers suffer accidents that leave them injured, temporarily or permanently. Sometimes, they are even unable to work for the rest of their lives, such as happens in falls from dangerous heights, accidents with heavy machinery, and so on.

It doesn’t matter what type of work is involved, it doesn’t matter what the worker’s immigration status is, it doesn’t even matter whether it was the worker’s fault: all workers are protected by the law and have a right to workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured while carrying out their work duties.

Our Latino community living in this great country, the United States, is recognized as an important part of the labor force. We generally offer services for jobs that require the greatest physical exertion, in areas such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, landscaping, cleaning, and food preparation, among others. These are jobs that imply a high risk for accidents. The lawyers at Grupo MedLegal have grown up in this culture of hard work. Our parents and grandparents struggled to allow some of us to go to college, and having secured the appropriate degrees, defend the rights of our community.

There are employers who take advantage of their workers, who may be afraid because of their immigration status, unable to communicate in English, or simply uninformed, and try to escape their responsibility as business owners to secure the appropriate safety equipment for their employees. They may not even give benefits when their employees are victims of an accident or are injured at work. Our lawyers are completely bilingual, they are perfectly acquainted with the appropriate laws, and they are not afraid to fight for your rights.

Federal and New York State laws determine what type of benefits workers can receive when they have an accident or develop an illness related to repetitive work.

What are the benefits that you, as a worker, have a right to?

You have a right to medical attention of your choice, paid for by your company’s insurance company; a portion of your wages while you are unable to work; and financial compensation if you have permanent injuries. Our lawyers know every detail of workers’ compensation law. They will make sure these legal obligations are met, and they will work to secure all the benefits that the law grants you.

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