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Legal Counsel from Wrongful Dismissal Lawyers in Los Angeles

The state of California is an at-will employment state and workers and employers may terminate this relationship without cause. Being dismissed from a job is a disconcerting situation because most people live paycheck to paycheck to cover necessary living expenses. Few have the luxury of a savings account that allows them to subsist for 6-8 months after losing their job.

Employment Lawyers May Help You if You Have Been Terminated from Your Job

Although there are not many protections for workers, there are some basic protections designed to correct unlawful acts, major injustices, and discrimination against protected classes. The law is very nuanced and only attorneys dedicated to this legal branch can be helpful to you if you have terminated from work. Employment lawyers will analyze your case with a free consultation and determine if your case fits into one of the following categories.

  1. It belongs to a protected class in accordance with the Fair Employment and Housing Act:

Age (over 40), ancestry, color, religion, marital status, genetic condition, military status, country of origin, and sexual orientation, among other things. You are fired for the very act of belonging to one these protected classes.

  1. You demanded basic rights such as that of working in a safe place:

You are a laborer and you notice that the conditions are inappropriate for performing your job safely, such as having strong scaffolding and cords when roofing, or you demanded a hard hat because you work in construction. Not only does your employer refuse to comply, but he or she also fires you.

  1. You notified authorities of your employer’s illegal actions:

Your employer is illegally disposing of toxic waste to cut costs. You notify authorities of illegal accounting transactions and embezzlement of funds. Your boss finds out about this and fires you.

  1. You claimed workers’ compensation benefits:

You sustained an injury at work and you claim benefits in spite of your boss trying to dissuade you and you proceed. Your employment is terminated right after this.

  1. The employer fired you without following the steps in the employee manual:

The manual specified that the employee will be warned and placed on probation if his or her work performance does not improve. However, you are fired without having been warned and given an opportunity.

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