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Mexico unites against aggressive statements made by Trump

“We Mexicans can have differences among ourselves, but we will always be united in the defense of the dignity and sovereignty of our country,” said the Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, during his message on this national chain throughout the country, in which he referred to the offensive statements recently made by the US president, Donald Trump.

The fury of the US president against Mexico was unleashed this time by the Caravan of Central American Refugees that since mid-March, has begun its trip from Honduras to Mexico City where they will seek to speak with federal authorities regarding the situation faced by thouseand of migrants. These people flee the extreme poverty and violence of their countries, and arrive in Mexico, sometimes only as transit to the United States, and others with the idea of staying, and are victims of robberies, kidnappings, violence, and abuse of power.

Peña Nieto stated that 2 fundamental principles mark the relationship between Mexico and the Trump administration:

1. Safeguard the sovereignty and dignity of Mexicans

2. Maintain a constructive and open vision to overcome differences, to face common challenges, and reach agreements.

He pointed out that this can only be done based on a “mutual respect and benefit for both nations” and added that “these challenges will never justify threatening attitudes or disrespect”.

President Peña Nieto said that “Mexico is a big and strong nation“, and in direct communication to President Donald Trump, he said: “If your recent statements derive from frustration over matters of internal politics, your laws, or your congress, then address those issue. We will not allow negative rhetoric to define our actions.”

Also, referring to the words of the US President, he pointed out “We will not be afraid to negotiates, but we will never negotiate with fear tendremos miedo”.

He mentioned that Mexico is ready to negotiate, “but always starting from the basis of mutual respect” and ended his announcement saying: “There is something that unites all mexicans: the certainty that nothing or nobody is above the dignity of Mexico.”

Here you can see the complete message of the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto!

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