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Motorcycle Accident Cases in the United States

In the United States, motorcycles have become a common means of transportation among individuals, and many businesses use them for their delivery drivers and couriers. As their popularity increases, the accident cases also increase. Thirteen percent of traffic accidents in 2013 involved motorcycles, and the majority of these drivers suffered a wound or injury.

When an employee has an accident on the job, he or she is entitled by law to receive monetary compensation, whether the accident was his or her fault or another party’s fault.

These are some of the cases we have represented at Grupo MedLegal:

Trenton, New Jersey: On March 25, while driving on Fremont, a motorcycle driver injured his left leg and arm when a driver making a left turn didn’t see him and hit the motorcycle.

New York, New York: On January 15, while waiting at an intersection, a motorcyclist’s back and neck were injured when a distracted driver failed to brake in time and hit him from behind.

Los Angeles, California: On February 7, a motorcycle driver suffered a serious accident that left him disabled for life when he was hit by a car that entered his lane head-on.

Chicago, Illinois: On August 10, a motorcyclist suffered injuries to his right leg, back, and neck when he struck a pothole and lost control of the motorcycle.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: On January 24, a motorcycle driver suffered injuries to his back, hip, head, and neck, when a parked driver failed to see him and opened the door of his vehicle, causing the cyclist to crash into it and fall forward.

These cases were successfully represented and the individuals received the compensation they were entitled to by law. Grupo MedLegal supported them with legal counsel as well as medical treatment for the injuries they suffered from their motorcycle accidents in the United States.

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