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Request a Free Consultation with an Employment Attorney

Each job implies some danger. Workers’ compensation establishes measures for helping those who are injured on the job. At Grupo MedLegal, you can get legal advice of the highest quality free of charge. If you are a worker in New York City, our accident lawyers can help you with your workers’ compensation claim, as well as with recovering payments and other benefits to which you have a right following an injury.

What does it mean that the consultation with lawyers is free?

When you consult your lawyers at Grupo MedLegal, our professionals specializing in employment law will review your case objectively and determine the best steps to take. And best of all, you don’t have to pay out one cent to enjoy our experts’ assistance!

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation was established to offer benefits to anyone who has been hurt in the workplace or developed a work-related illness. If these injuries or diseases are so serious that the employee cannot go back to work, workers’ compensation will grant him or her disability payments.

Employment laws can be difficult to understand. For this reason, take advantage of free consultation with our lawyers. Grupo MedLegal helps New York City workers to obtain compensation for their injuries.

What benefits can you receive?

The state of New York offers guidelines for determining medical benefits and calculating disability payments for injured workers. In many cases, the benefits check will be two-thirds of your normal wages.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers will advise you free of charge and help you figure out whether you are eligible for benefits, in addition to calculating the actual amount of your benefits.

There are various types of benefits you can receive, including the following:

  • Benefits for medical expenses
  • Benefits for temporary damages
  • Benefits for permanent damages
  • Death benefits

The type of benefits you receive will depend on the type of injury and whether the injury is temporary or permanent.

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, contact a lawyer immediately. Claims can be denied for many reasons, but it will be difficult to fight against the employer or insurer’s decision without the expert help of our legal firm.

If you have been injured on the job or need payments and other workers’ compensation benefits, the doctors and attorneys in the New York City branch of Grupo MedLegal can help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

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