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Risks and Benefits of a Free Consultation with an Employment Lawyer

Every employee who works in the United States has rights, regardless of their immigration status. When you need assistance with a legal problem, you need to speak with a lawyer immediately. It may be difficult to have access to one because you probably do not have the resources necessary to hire his or her services, but there are lawyers who offer consultation and can take your case for free, since they only charge their fees if you win the case.

Making a claim is a long and tedious process. This is why having free assistance from an employment law firm can protect your rights and help you to obtain the labor compensation benefits you deserve.

Benefits of contacting a free employment law firm

Calling a free employment law firm definitely offers more benefits than risks. You just need to verify that the lawyer has the appropriate credentials to represent you before the law, and, in second place, you need someone to adequately represent you who is specialized in the area of your case.

We should clarify that the free legal counsel service offered by many lawyers is just to provide information, since their main objective is to explain Chicago labor laws that protect you and the options you have to carry out your process for a good resolution.

Among the most notable benefits are:

  1. Free and immediate consultation.
  2. Obtaining answers when you need them from attorneys and professionals.
  3. Confidential service.
  4. You don’t pay unless you win. The free employment law firm will work on your case without charging anything until it is resolved.
  5. You don’t pay anything out of pocket. The lawyer only charges a percentage of the money you win from the claim.

Remember that you should never try to obtain compensation benefits without the aid of a free employment law firm. They can help you to win the case, which allows you to pay medical expenses, loss of income, and representation costs. Don’t forget that you ultimately decide if you are interested in accepting free legal representation.

Risks of contacting a free employment lawyer

  • If you don’t verify the experience and credibility of a free employment law firm, the greatest risk is that you lose the case because you could not follow the necessary procedures to take your case to trial, or because once you got to trial, you could not fulfill all the technical requirements to prove the case.
  • If you lose your case, you will probably be ordered to pay legal costs and lawyer’s fees for the other party. Sometimes the costs of a trial are greater than the amount of the claim.
  • Instead of saving money or obtaining another form of legal aid, now you owe money to the other party. You may suffer a wage embargo, a lien on your bank accounts, mortgages on your properties, and other collection methods.

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