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Slips and Falls in Retail Stores in the United States

Injuries from slips and falls should not be taken lightly. These may include fractures of the hip, arms, or legs; back or head injuries; or even death. Per the CDC (Center for Disease Control), in the United States alone, more than 1 million people suffer an accident by falling, tripping, or slipping each year: many of these accidents occur in public places or stores due to slippery sidewalks, potholes, problems with entry ways, slippery floors, poor lighting, debris, uneven stairways, and other hazards. The owners of these public properties are obligated to maintain their properties in safe condition for visitors and people passing through. Grupo MedLegal has experience in cases that involve slips, trips, and falls in stores and public places in the United States. Here are some of the cases we have represented:

On November 29 in New Jersey, upon entering a Sears store with her family, a woman suffered a severe fall upon slipping on liquid residue that had not been properly removed after waxing the marble floor. Due to this accident, she injured her hip, sciatic nerve, back, and mid-section.

In New York City on June 16, while shopping at Home Depot, a woman suffered injuries to her back and a torn muscle in her left arm when she slipped on spilled water on the floor in the gardening department. She was unable to stand up from the place where she fell and reported her accident to the store manager to request medical help. However, instead of assisting her, she was removed from the store.

On December 20 in Los Angeles, California, a woman fractured her ankle and injured her hip and back when an employee left a cart of merchandise behind her while she was looking at a rack of purses. The woman turned without realizing the cart was there and tripped on it, resulting in her ankle becoming stuck under the cart and being fractured.

On August 15, an elderly man doing his shopping in Chicago injured his back and fractured his hip by slipping on liquid soap in the detergent department at Walmart.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 7, while shopping in a retail store, a woman injured her back and suffered a severe contusion to her head when she tripped and fell against a metal railing that was out of place in the checkout area.

If you have slipped, tripped, or fallen in a store or public place, you need to get in contact with a lawyer specialized in slips and falls to orient you about your case. Grupo MedLegal successfully assisted all of the individuals in these testimonials, allowing them to receive their due compensation with legal support and counsel and medical treatment for their injuries. We have offices in major cities of the United States.

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