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Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs

Most dangerous jobs and risks for workers

In spite of many technological improvements, and programs guaranteeing the safety of workers, there are still jobs that someone has to do even though they may be putting their life at risk. Let’s take a brief survey of the most dangerous jobs and the risks workers face.

Workers at the highest risk are those working in the most dangerous sectors and occupations such as agriculture, construction, mining, and ship breaking, as well as jobs in which workers are exposed to specific risks such as explosion of dangerous substances like chemicals or radiation, or jobs in the informal economy.

Here we present a list of the top 10 riskiest jobs:

  1. Construction

Working in construction is very risky due to the unsafe nature of the job. Leading causes of death are being crushing by walls or landslides, blows to the head, and falling from a height.

  1. Coal mining

Miners work hundreds of meters below the earth’s surface where there is little light, little air, and the risk of being crushed by a collapse.

  1. Police

Police officers have the highest rate of losses. The majority of the activities in this job put life at risk. In order to keep peace in cities they must pursue criminals, participate in special operations, and sometimes use force.

  1. Truck drivers

Truck driving is a highly risky profession. Long work days, dangerous highways, hold-ups, excessive exertion, and even bad posture are the principle causes of death among drivers. In spite of extremely strict rules, many truck drivers have fallen asleep on the road, causing accidents.

  1. Roofer

Constructing and repairing roofs may sound like an easy job, but there is a high risk of falling, in addition to electrocution accidents and burns.

  1. Journalist

Being a journalist means denouncing corruption and bringing truth to light, putting journalists at risk of being killed, jailed, detained, or exiled. Journalists belong to a profession with one of the highest mortality rates in history.

  1. Pilot

Although it is one of the best-payed professions, it is also among the most dangerous. Most accidents are caused by crashes, according to the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States.

  1. Logging/industrial woodworking

The number of fatalities registered in the logging industry increases every year. Half of all fatalities are caused by being struck by objects. It is also a profession that requires working with heavy loads in difficult terrain under constant risk of being crushed by a tree or branch.

  1. Deep sea fishing

Fishing is a dangerous job due to diverse factors which put fishermen at risk. From machinery accidents, adverse weather conditions like big storms, getting tangled in nets, or falling into the sea, this profession costs almost 116 workers their lives every year.

  1. Shipbreaking

Working in a port dismantling ships is one of the most dangerous and deadly professions, with one death per week and at least two workers injured per day. The principle ports are found in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Besides being one of the riskiest jobs, it is also one of the worst-payed.

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