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Types of Car Accident Claims

The city of Los Angeles is famous for traffic congestion on its highways. In a recent article, USA Today classified this city as number 1 for traffic in the United States and number 10 worldwide. There is a direct correlation between time on the highway, number of vehicles, and automobile accidents. If you suffered an accident in California, you should know that the statute of limitations to establish a claim is 2 years, starting from the date you had the accident.

Different Types of Auto Insurance Policies in the State of California

Liability Coverage: This coverage is granted is you are responsible for the accident and have been sued. It is designed to cover property and physical damages of the person who suffered the accident and is now suing.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP): If you were at fault for the accident, under PIP, you will receive payment for your medical expenses up to the policy limits.

Medical Payment Coverage: This only covers medical expenses, but it is different from the PIP because it does not cover loss of income, funeral costs, or loss of service. It does not matter who was at fault for the accident.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist: You are entitled to compensation for your physical damages if you were the victim of an accident classified as hit-and-run, where the vehicle that caused the accident got away unidentified, or the driver was uninsured or the policy limit was too low to cover your expenses.

We have been fighting, suing, and negotiating with insurance companies for 30 years. One of the first documents we analyze is the type of policy the driver has who caused the accident, and what the limits are. In the first free consultation that we offer you, we analyze the documents, photos, and details of the accident. We inform you of the different options you have and give you a brief description of the laws that apply to you. For example, California is a comparative negligence state, which means that the monetary remuneration you are entitled to based on your injuries and physical and emotional damages is subject to reduction based on the percentage of guilt you had in the accident. At the same time, we will discuss the categories you can receive compensation for:

Types of Claims that Traffic Accident Lawyers Can Make

  1. Medical Expenses: All expenses associated with your accident, recovery, and future medical expenses due to the injuries sustained.
  2. Income Loss: Only if you were employed and missed time and earnings as a result of the injuries sustained. Loss or reduction of future earnings due to the prolonged effect of the injuries.
  3. Property Loss: Vehicle repair or payment for the value in case of total loss, as well as articles that may have been damaged as a result of the accident (cellular phones and laptop computers).
  4. Pain and Suffering: You are entitled to compensation for the pain and severe discomfort caused by the accident or attributed to the accident.
  5. Emotional Distress: This category is designated to compensate you for emotional damage and psychological impact you suffered as a result of the accident.
  6. Loss of Enjoyment of Life: Due to the type of injuries sustained, you are unable to enjoy your personal interests such as the gymnasium, running, playing tennis, or walking your dog. Your close relatives, such as your spouse and children, may be included.
  7. Loss of Consortium: You do not enjoy or are not able to have intimate relations with your spouse or partner due to the injuries you sustained. Under this category, your partner may receive money even if he or she was not involved in the accident.
  8. Punitive Damages: Only in cases where the driver’s behavior was so irresponsible and careless that he or she needs to be severely punished.

Benefits of Contacting Us as Soon as Possible

Grupo MedLegal’s accident physicians and attorneys will take the reins and take charge of negotiating with the insurance, in addition to filing a claim as soon as possible. We will inform you of your rights, such as that of seeking medical treatment and staying at home if you need to recover, since you have the right to be compensated. On occasion, we have found that clients go to work after the accident, against doctor’s orders and in intense pain, because they need the money and they are not aware that the person who caused the accident must compensate them.

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