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Types of Workplace Slips and Falls for Which I Can File a Claim

Workplace accidents happen on a daily basis worldwide. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported that most workplace accidents involve slips, trips, and falls, fifteen percent of which prove fatal. Fortunately, the United States has laws that protect employees and improve work conditions. If you slipped and/or fell at work, the law offers you various options for legal action, depending on who is at fault.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim for a Negligent Employer

In order to compensate the employee for workplace injuries without putting the employer out of business or hurting the rest of the employees and their families for the good of one person, workers´ compensation grants the injured person a portion of his or her former weekly salary, generally without much delay. This workers’ insurance also covers medical expenses.

Filing a Claim Against Third Persons

In some situations, the responsibility for the employee’s slip and/or fall lies not with the employer but with a third person. If so, you can file a lawsuit. Upon proving that your slip and/or fall was mainly due to the negligence of this entity, you will receive a much higher compensation than in the former situation.

Types of Workplace Slips and Falls:

  1. Trip and fall on carpet: worn or torn carpet is a common cause of falls in general and in the workplace in particular.
  2. Slip and fall on wet floors: the most common form of injury in the workplace is falls in the bathroom when the cleaning service fails to indicate areas where the floor has been cleaned or removes the cones prematurely.
  3. Trip and fall over tangled wires: when planning the office layout, the property or business owner did not create an appropriate area for wires. It’s not at all unusual for people to unwittingly get their feet tangled up in wires and fall.
  4. Fall due to a poorly assembled or defective seat: although not so common, this occurrence can have serious, painful consequences. The fault for a broken piece leading to a fall may lie either with the manufacturing company which produced the seat or with the company that assembled it.
  5. Trip over boxes or equipment that are out of place: when a delivery company leaves packages in the entrance or hallway, it can result in a dangerous situation. Employees who are unaccustomed to finding obstacles on the floor may be more susceptible to trip and fall in an unusual situation.
  6. Slip and/or fall due to poor lighting: the property owner has not properly maintained lighting fixtures in building entrances.

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