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Understanding Workers’ Rights in Illinois

Most employees are unfamiliar with workers’ rights in Illinois, one of many safeguards offered by state law. The workday is long and exhausting. At the end of the day, the more fortunate workers go home and spend some time with family. Regrettably, many have another job and are left very little time to sleep. No one is going to sit down and explain what your rights are and when they can be asserted, much less your boss. Find out about your rights as a worker, and avoid having them trampled on.

Workers’ Rights in Illinois

  1. Not to be discriminated against or harassed if you belong to one of the protected classes mentioned in the Illinois Human Rights Act. Protected classes in this state are based on sex, race, age, color, religion, arrest record, marital status, sexual orientation, physical and/or mental disability, citizenship status, national origin, ancestry, unfavorable military discharge, parental status, military status, sexual harassment. These are some of many protective arrangements.
  2. Receive minimum hourly wages of $8.25 up to forty hours a week and time-and-a-half additional pay for over forty hours.
  3. Work in a safe and healthful place where inherently dangerous and hazardous materials are identified and you are warned about the potential risks they pose to your health. Work zones with heavy machinery should be supervised and access granted to trained personnel only. In addition, this equipment should be maintained on a regular basis and repaired by specialized technical staff.
  4. Claim workers’ compensation benefits if you have been injured at work. Some of the benefits are coverage of medical care expenses, a portion of your weekly wages while you recover, therapy, and medication. Likewise, if when you return to work you are still partially disabled, the company must find you another position with lighter work while you heal.
  5. Report your employer for violating some of the previously mentioned rights and/or committing illegal actions without fear of repercussions or dismissal.

If you feel that one or more of your rights are being or have been violated, don’t wait with your arms crossed. Get in touch with your employment lawyer as soon as possible to get a free review of your case. Each case is different, and there are several ways to handle them. The most appropriate method is generally to file a claim.

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