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Undocumented and afraid to report a work accident?

We have recently heard this statement from several of our Hispanic, Latino, or undocumented clients and it worries us that many do not know what we do and how we work. At Grupo MedLegal, we are committed to our clients; for us, their safety and security is always first. We always want it to be clear that they can have complete confidence in us.

We understand that changes in the new administration of President Donald Trump can cause many workers fear and mistrust about the repercussions they could face if they report a work accident, an irregularity, an auto accident, or simply make a complaint that their rights have been violated. However, we want to say to everyone in this situation: THERE IS NO NEED TO WORRY.

Fortunately, the laws in the United States are very broad and although different in every state, they all concur in protecting and caring for the well-being of all people and the respecting human rights. These laws and rules have been in effect for years and cannot be ignored or overlooked by any person. In addition, there are different organizations and centers across the country responsible to protect and care for all Hispanic, Latino, or undocumented people. For more information about these associations, go to: https://www.osha.gov/workers-spanish/index.html.

Workers’ rights in the United States are some of the most complete and most protective of workers regardless of their status in the country. If you are a Latino or undocumented worker, remember that no one can violate or disrespect your rights; in other words, a work accident case does not take into account the migratory status of an immigrant or undocumented worker.

For more than 30 years, Grupo MedLegal has served this sector of the United States population. We not only fight for the workers’ rights of Hispanics, or only to get the maximum compensation, but we work simply to ensure that justice is done and to protect the clients that put their cases in the hands of our work lawyers or our accident lawyers.

All information you provide when you notify us of a work accident case will be kept private and confidential and will not be compromised or revealed under any circumstance in accordance with workers’ rights in every state in the country. During the interview process with our work lawyers we are only interested in the circumstances of the work accident our client has suffered and making sure that he or she receives the immediate medical attention needed for injuries and a proper medical diagnosis. We will NEVER ask a client about migratory status in the country or anything related to it.

We are committed to continue to serve this sector of the population because we know that they are good, upright, and above all, hardworking people who want the best for their families. And just as we are aware of this, we know that many owners, bosses, supervisors, and employers recognize this too and they know the value in human resources this represents for their companies.

This being said, we want our clients and anyone interested in the services of our work lawyers to know that they can have complete peace of mind when they commit their work accident case to us. They can trust in United States law to always protect them. The cases we have won for workers who have entrusted their cases to us back us up, and above all we want this message to be clear: DON’T WORRY, our firm will always look out for the rights of workers and we are 100 per cent committed to continue doing this for many years to come.

Finally, if you have had a work-related accident and have injuries that prevent you from continuing your normal activities, we invite you to call us or write us and one of our representatives will take the information about your case and look for the best solution.

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