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Unfairly Dismissed in California? We Can Advise You

Labor laws are designed to protect workers, but they can be very complicated. Workers whose rights have been violated are free to take on the system without the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer, but this is not advisable. It is essential to understand the legal process, the legislation, and the applicable federal and state laws. If you believe you were dismissed unfairly or unlawfully, speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer at a firm like Grupo MedLegal of Los Angeles, California.

Most employees in California work under at-will contracts. This means they can be dismissed or leave their jobs without incurring legal liability. However, this does not mean that employees are unprotected against unfair dismissal.

What is wrongful dismissal?

  • In Los Angeles, California, dismissal is considered unlawful only if a work contract, civil rights, or public policy has been violated, or there has been discrimination.
  • If an employee is dismissed because of age, disability, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation, he or she is protected by federal and California laws and can file a lawsuit against his or her employer in state and federal courts.
  • In addition to the reasons mentioned above, an employee may not be dismissed for reporting illegal activities such as sexual harassment, for denouncing illegal actions by his or her employer, or for filing a workers’ compensation claim. An employee may not be dismissed for exercising his or her civil rights.

What is a workers’ compensation lawyer?

  • A compensation lawyer specializes in labor law and uses his or her knowledge and experience on your behalf to get you all the legal benefits you have a right to.
  • If you have been dismissed from your job in Los Angeles, California, and believe that your termination was unfair or unlawful , the first thing you should do is talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer who can evaluate your situation and determine if you have legal grounds for filing a claim against your employer.

If your dismissal was unfair, with the help of a law firm of compensation lawyers you can get the benefits you deserve, including:

  1. Reinstatement to your job
  2. Back pay for lost salary
  3. Compensation for other damages caused by the loss of your job
  4. Attorneys’ fees

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