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What comp can I get by hiring an Employment Lawyer?

California state law requires all employers, including state employers, to have workers’ compensation insurance.  This means that the employee has the right to benefits and timely payments, but cannot sue the employer for pain and suffering. The application process, and the alternatives that may follow, become complicated in many cases. A compensation o indemnity lawyer will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation provided by law.

What Can MedLegal’s Accident Group Doctors and Attorneys Do?

Grupo MedLegal’s accident doctors and attorneys take responsibility for making sure you receive every type of medical and financial benefit to which you are entitled. We have a group of doctors who are specialized in these cases. They will ensure that you receive the medical treatment necessary for your recovery. They will also closely follow your progress to be able to write a detailed report of your medical condition afterward. During this time, our group of attorneys will review your case and complete the necessary forms so that your case will not be rejected by your employer or the workers’ compensation department. Finally, they will ensure that if there were third persons or entities responsible for the accident, they will be found liable by law.

What Benefits and Compensation Can You Expect in the State of California?

  1. Medical Benefits

The employee qualifies to receive the medical treatment necessary to cure or relieve injuries he or she has suffered. This includes doctor visits, surgeries, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. It also covers treatment in the hospital, including doctors and nurses, medications, and medical products such as prosthetic devices and crutches.

  1. Partial Salary Under Temporary Disability Payments

The exact amount a worker can receive through workers’ compensation insurance varies but is usually two thirds of the average salary. The payments are not subject to taxes.

  1. Lifetime Payments for Severe Injuries

Compensation payments for permanent injuries are granted to compensate the worker for permanent impediments and substantial limitations that he or she suffered due to the injury.

  1. Supplemental Job Change or Displacement Voucher

You qualify for this voucher if you are eligible to receive permanent disability benefits or if your employer does not offer you a job and you do not return to work for that employer. This voucher assures that you are trained in another area of work that accommodates your physical condition.

  1. Death Benefits

If you or your spouse were to pass away due to this injury, your spouse, children who are minors, or other dependents would receive payments.

Compensation from Third-Party Claims

This is the most important type of compensation. You may qualify for this remuneration if the total or partial liability for your injury was due to a third person’s negligence. Some examples are: a FedEx or UPS employee goes to your office to deliver a heavy package and drops it on your foot, causing an injury or fracture; an elevator you use at work malfunctions and the door closes on your hand or part of your body; or the custodial company at your workplace does not put out the “Wet Floor” sign and you slip and fall. In this case, the law authorizes you to file a lawsuit in court, where you have the right to demand punitive damages among other things. You spouse and children can also join this suit because their quality of life has been affected as well.

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