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What Documents Should I Take to my Visit with an Employment Attorney?

Open and sincere communication between you and your attorney is essential for effective representation, and it could be of crucial importance to achieve a victory in your case.

To be able to work with your attorney efficiently to solve your legal issues faster, it is necessary that you have a clear idea of what to do in every part of the process. When you visit the law firm for the first time, keep in mind that you will have to respond in detail to every question that your attorney asks about the case. Be prepared to tell the entire story with honesty, even if it embarrasses you to tell certain details or you think some information could be used against you.

Here, we’ll give you a list of the things you should have ready to bring to the office the first time you go. However, in general, you should bring everything and anything that could be relevant to the case. The best thing you can do to ensure that your first meeting will be a success is to be well prepared.

  • Before the first meeting at the law firm, gather and organize all documents and materials that could be related to the case and take them with you.
  • Take a list of all the doubts and questions you have for our attorney.
  • It is usually necessary to take a copy of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, license, financial information, and employment history.
  • If you have been through a legal case before, or have had any kind of contact with the authorities in the past, then take the related documents with you.
  • Try to gather proofs and evidence and make a list of possible eyewitnesses. The evidence could be emails, photos, police reports, job contracts, or other materials that could be used as proof of how the events took place.
  • Take notes. Write down the order of events and take your notes with you.
  • If your case involves someone else, a friend or a co-worker for example, it is extremely important that they be present with you.
  • If you wish, people who are not directly involved in your case may also accompany you to the law firm to provide support.

Be sure to get the answers to the following questions during your appointment:

  1. What experience does your attorney have in the area of law that you need?
  2. What are the different possible ways of winning this case?
  3. How will he or she inform you of developments in the case and when will he or she contact you?
  4. What are the documents that you need to bring for the next appointment?
  5. What are the fees and how will they be charged?

It is important that you visit an attorney who is familiar with the labor laws of Illinois.

This Blog is made available by Grupo MedLegal for informational purposes only and does not provide legal or medical advice. The information provided on the Blog should not be used as a substitute for competent legal or medical advice from a licensed professional.

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