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What Physical Injuries Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Every state in the country has similar laws regarding workers’ compensation. Some states are more generous than others in the benefits they offer and in their statute of limitations for reporting work-related injuries and illnesses.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania is a state that offers very generous protection to its workers. The benefits of workers’ compensation are extended to the large majority of employees, for example:

  1. Full-time employees.
  2. Part-time employees.
  3. Temporary employees.

Employees must report their injury or illness within 120 days of the incident if their employer or manager is not handling the situation.

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Which employers and companies are required to offer benefits?

In Pennsylvania, the law applies to non-profit organizations, unincorporated businesses, and even employers of only one employee.

What work-related physical problems are covered?

Any time an employee misses a day of work or a shift due to a work-related physical problem, the employer is required to notify the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation by filling out an accident report form.

The problem may be the result of a previous injury that has been exacerbated on the job to the point where you have to miss work.

Those who have pre-existing medical conditions are not disqualified from obtaining benefits if and when they are following doctors’ orders. For example, suppose you had back surgery a few years ago but you’re feeling fine now and your doctor has told you that you may resume your normal activities without limitation. At your current job you lift something heavy and end up hurting your back in a way that causes you to have to miss work.

In this case, you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits because of your injury. However, if your doctor told you that you should no longer be lifting heavy items and you hurt yourself because you failed to follow your doctor’s instructions, you will probably be denied benefits.

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