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When Should You Consult with a Workplace Accident Lawyer?

Workplace accidents occur every day in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, not all victims of these accidents turn to an employment lawyer who will defend their rights. The reasons vary from person to person. Some are worried about the repercussions they could suffer from their employers if they consult or hire a lawyer. Most believe that getting a lawyer would be very expensive, and besides, they don’t have time to deal with it. Not everyone has the necessary resources to file a lawsuit.

If You Have Suffered a Workplace Accident, You Should Consult with Us If:

  1. You have suffered an injury or wound at work.
  2. You have suffered or suffer an illness related to your job.
  3. This wound, injury, or illness hinders you from going back to the job you did or hinders from returning to the work force.
  4. Your employer is retaliating against you for having applied for workers’ compensation benefits.
  5. There was a third person (or entity) involved or responsible for your accident. In this case you have the right to file a civil claim, apart from the workers’ compensation benefits.

Steps to Follow if You Have Had an Accident at Work

  1. The California Worker’s Compensation Division recommends notifying the employer immediately after suffering an accident. In case of illness, you must notify as soon as you discover the illness, or believe that it has happened as a result of your job.
  2. Get medical help and notify the doctor that this injury or illness occurred at work.
  3. Fill out a claim form as soon as possible and turn it in to your employer.

People Who Have the Right to Receive Benefits

  1. The worker who suffered the workplace accident
  2. The worker’s wife and children who are minors, should the worker die or become mentally disabled

Common Errors that We Can Help You Avoid with a Free Consultation

If you act in a negligent way at work, and as a result, you are injured or wounded, don’t make the mistake of not claiming your workers’ compensation benefits. The law allows you to claim benefits even when you acted negligently. Of course, there are exceptions; if the accident occurred because you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then you could lose the right to make a claim. The law is very complex. Don’t put your and your family’s financial stability at risk.

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